G-Day Takeaways

Well another G-Day has come and gone. Here’s to hoping for players deciding not to be knuckleheads between now and the start of preseason camp. How many days until kickoff, again?

Georgia came out of the day with no serious injuries. That, is probably the biggest positive. I’m not big on spring game stats. The full picture of how good players look is probably more in how actual spring practice went than in one glorified scrimmage.

Past G-Days have given us heroes like Ronnie Powell, Tommy Wilson and Ricky Lowe. Anyone remember them making sizeable contributions in the fall? Me either.

Still, performances like Lowe’s will be great memories in the future when sitting around telling old football stories, so there is that.

Personally, the best thing about G-Day isn’t the game – it’s that it is an excuse to enjoy a day in The Classic City. In fact, one of the day’s highlights was meeting up with a number of other Dawg fans like Bernie and some folks from Dawgsports and others who are indeed Damn Good Dawgs.


On the field:

– Crowell didn’t put up long yardage plays, but it was very encouraging to see him lower his shoulder, take a hit and most importantly, be much more engaging with his teammates on the sidelines. Funny what competition will do…

If used as a receiver, a la Orson Charles, Jay Rome could be stellar. He still needs to put on some weight though to be forceful as a blocker. Him and Arthur Lynch could give Georgia its best two TE tandem in a while.

– Cornelius Washington looked like a natural fit at defensive end. Keeping him there could be a very good thing.

– A number of receivers coming off redshirt seasons or little playing time made plays. If that progresses, it’ll make Malcolm Mitchell the DB easier to replace, if needed.

– Oh and about that Xfinity couch. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that it was only there for G-Day. Can you imagine Mike Woods, aka the guy with the Bulldog painted on his head, having his view of the game, and his odds of being on TV, blocked by that thing?!

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg


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