A quick guide to the final round in Augusta

Weekend’s like this, it’s great to be a Georgian. It’s Masters and Easter Sunday – which makes it easy to forget the Braves’ disregard for run production..for now.

Heading into the final round, here is all you need to know about who has a shot at claiming a Green Jacket. A form Tech golfer, Matt Kuchar, is among them. Look, I’m sure he’s class all the way. But that matters not in this case.

The Enginerds are already annoying enough. Can you imagine how insufferable they’d be if one of their own won the world’s greatest golf tournament? They’d act as if they actually beat Georgia on the football field without running a gimmick offense or using ineligible players.

This isn’t Kuchar vs. the field…it’s good against evil. 

Go Dawgs – and Bubba Watson too!

Lugnut Dawg


1 Response to “A quick guide to the final round in Augusta”

  1. 1 cashman76 April 8, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    That a boy BUBBA!! Look at that DAWG!

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