Malcolm Mitchell to Corner is a Good Thing

When Malcolm Mithcell signed with the Dawgs last year, it was announced early that the VHT cornerback from Valdosta would be playing wide receiver.  Despite missing 3 games due to injury, the freshman was a big time playmaker for the Dawgs and made a huge impact on the offense, grabbing 45 receptions for 665 yards and 4 TDs. 

Georgia took the Moneyball and Billy Beane approach to the receiving corps last year.  There was no way that Georgia could replace A.J. Green. A.J. Green is a once in a generation talent.  There aren’t many A.J. Greens out there.  There are, however, guys who can step up and combined, give you the same production that A.J. Green gave you.  Youngsters Michael Bennett, Chris Conley and the aforementioned Mitchell stepped in and filled the void left by #8.

Losing Sanders Cummings for the first two games and possibly Branden Smith for the first two games as well, in addition to all the attrition the secondary has seen this offseason, really puts Coaches Grantham and Lakatos in a bind.  Considering the second game is against Missouri, thier fast pace spread attack in their SEC debut was going to be a challene with Cummings and Smith. 

But putting Mithcell at Corner for the first couple of games is not a bad thing.  Remember last season how the coaches finally started using Brandon Boykin on offense?  Remember what we all were saying?  “Wow, why did it take this long to get the ball in his hands?”  Boykin really showcased his skills in the Bowl loss to Michigan State, scoring points on offense, defense and special teams. 

Why would we not want to have Mitchell play some corner also?  Why would we not want our best players on the field?  Just becuase he plays some at corner-and remember he was rated very highly coming out of HS at corner-it doesn’t mean he won’t play offense also.  In fact, I would bet you a nickel right now that Malcolm Mitchell will have a TD grab and some big plays versus Missouri. 

I don’t see this as a Justin Anderson or Richard Samuel situation, where the coaches don’t know how to use a player and are just moving them around.  There is a need for Mitchell to contribute on defense, and as a long as he can be effective on both sides of the ball, like Boykin was, then why not have the best players on the field?



3 Responses to “Malcolm Mitchell to Corner is a Good Thing”

  1. 1 Dog in Nam March 18, 2012 at 12:06 am

    Fact is, we need a shut down corner who can sky to the ball at full speed and make the play/catch…..last year, although the d backs looked great, only Boykin had the consistently sure hands…he will be missed there….MM has fabulous hands and full speed ball skills…for example, when we play UT, Rogers and Patterson will require full attention….Commings and Mitchell will be our primary defenders there…and both will be needed…obviously coaching is largely about matchups…and our coaches want to match up MM with Greene at Mizzou…when MM makes some great plays on the ball, I think people will understand his importance at CB….i predict he will be a great one, and he won’t drop interceptions like some of the guys did last year….so, what I’m saying here is that while you refer to MM playing”some” corner, I believe he will end up being irreplaceable at corner as was Champ and will be used on offense as was Champ….but as a fixture on D….he will be more valuable there than as a rotating WR….He will be tested because he is an unknown, so we can look forward to him having many chances at the ball, particularly early in the season…should be fun to watch!!

  2. 2 Skip Smith March 19, 2012 at 10:52 am

    WR position is deep. Malcolm on D increases your chances for pick 6’s and TD saves. Good move by Coach Richt.

  3. 3 georgia dawg March 28, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    if he can fly through people trained to tackle and score imagine picking it off the offense aint ready!

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