Color Me Surprised

It has been so long since I have gotten on WordPress, I had to try and remember my password.  Anyway, I went to Blutarsky’s blog this morning and he linked to the Georgia Tech blog From the Rumble Seat. You might remember this blog; they are the ones who celebrated the passing of UGA VIII (I am not sure of the number, but I mean come on, I have lost count).  These nerds are a bunch of clowns, but when the Senator linked to some absurdity over there, I had to check it out. 

If you read the post,  great for you.  I read the jist and that was enough.  Tech is not going to the Big 10.  But I scrolled down to the Comments. 

There, these Techies and their fans say in the very first comment that one of the best reasons to join the Big Ten would be so they can talk crap to Purdue about their academics! 

Then, they start taking pride in all the great things Tech men have done…

For optimal trolling

aim for where it hurts, the space program.

They’ll say “Neil Armstrong!!” and we’ll say “First man in space, first song played in space (Ramblin’ Wreck), we were on the first and final shuttle missions.) etc. etc.

Go Jackets, go America.


I hate having to correct myself, but we weren’t the first man in space, we were the first shuttle mission. Damn my reading comprehension skills.

Go Jackets, go America.

some more…

Elmer’s Glue All, the Jeep (yes, THE Jeep. It was WWII at the time), the Ford GT-40, the Mazda Miata, every Ferrari model post-2003, and the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero

there is so much more…but it’s a lot to think about

I met her on the campus, sir, cheering the Brave and Bold.

by GT_Jason on Mar 5, 2012 4:54 PM

by JohnHeisman on Mar 5, 2012 3:42 PM EST


The Georgia Tech fanbase is a bunch of dorky, socially akward, sanctimonious, jealous group that can’t compete with the SEC and lives off its legendary past before color television.  Oh wait…nevermind, they will fit in with the Big 10 just fine. 


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