ABC: Always Be Closing

As Alec Baldwin once said, “Coffee’s for closers.”

When I used to drive the bus, I would always try and work as many shifts as possible on National Signing Day.  I would listen to 960 the Ref all day long and hear about the current class.  Several times, Granite and I would go to the Blind Pig for supper and review the big board that had all the new signees names written in on it.  I still am surprised that NeDarris Ward never panned out-I thought he was going to be the next Leonard Pope!

One trend that I always remember is that it seemd Georgia always lost a recruit or two on Signing Day.  The boring nature of Mark Richt even crept into NSD.  Most of the class was already locked up in advance and it seemed that the drama was taken out of it.  Last year was the exception with Crowell, and Marlon Brown was a big coup on Signing Day a few years ago.  But it seemed more often than not, Florida State, Clemson or even Notre Dame was winning the final battle at the last minute.

There are some big names still out there, and though I don’t follow recruiting as closely as others out there, I do find NSD very interesting.  I hope tomorrow is another big day for the Dawgs and Coach Richt and his staff can take a little walk down to Jittery Joes in Five Points and enjoy a nice, big cup of coffee.


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