Presidental Candidates as SEC Coaches

We all have wainted to do this post like this for a while, but just haven’t had a chance to yet.  Well, with the GOP Primary a game again with Newt’s big win in South Carolina, we thought we’d assign a current or recently former presidental candidate to a current SEC Head Coach.  Feel free to offer anyother suggestions in the comments:

Mitt Romney as Mark Richt:  A consistent, almost boring, personality.   Everyone seems to like him, but no one really wants him.  Come close to winning the big one a couple of times but couldn’t close the deal.

Newt Gingrich as Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier:  Undoubtedly the smartest person in the room, and he lets you know it.  Very successful and smart, but has some shady ethical practices.  No one really seems to like him.

Ron Paul as Les Miles:  Has some good ideas until he opens his mouth, and then you find out that he is just crazy.  His fans/supporters are just as crazy.

Herman Cain as Joker Phillips:  Duh

Michelle Bachmann as Bobby Petrino:  The hot, fresh, sexy pick that looks good at first, then you realize how dumb and seedy they are. 

Rick Santorum as Dan Mullen:  Young, up and coming guy who has some good qualities, but then you realize they are crazy.

Barack Obama as Will Muschamp:  Young, up and coming, but got the big job a little too soon.  Came into the big job under a lot of fan fare, but then quickly realized that once he was in it, was too deep in over his head.

Rick Perry as James Franklin:  Talks a lot to energize the base, but once he talks too much, all the talking gets him trouble and he eventually crashes and burns after some early success.

John Huntsman as Derek Dooley:  Both have really good hair.  Have worked under very successful bosses before, and have taken over the head job at a small, insignificant place before trying to get to the big time.  Both showed they are not ready for the prime time stage.


2 Responses to “Presidental Candidates as SEC Coaches”

  1. 1 STUDAWG January 23, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Hah I love it! I agree with every one of them, although I dont think Santorum is crazy at all.

  2. 2 CCRider January 23, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Well done, sir!

    I would add to Newt that “no one says they want him but in secret everyone wants him.”

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