Corbindawg the Soothsayer

The 2012 SEC Schedule is going to be released today, in about 45 minutes.  It is being widely reported that the South Carolina game will be moved to October 6 to make room for Missouri the second week of the season.  Also, Alabama will be moved to 2013. 

Georgia’s schedule will shape up very well for the Dawgs in 2012.  I am going to predict that Carolina folks are going to cry foul, but where were these folks in 2008 when Georgia had to play LSU, Alabama and Florida in the same season? 


I am going to say that UGA will have a very good year in 2012.  It is hard not to believe that when you look at the talent coming back and the more favorable schedule in 2012 than we had in 2011. 

The thing is, I predicted as much over a year ago.  If  you have been to the movies this holiday season, you have seen posters for the re-release of some Star Wars movies in 3D.


1 Response to “Corbindawg the Soothsayer”

  1. 1 Jim December 28, 2011 at 11:35 am

    I would say that we caught a break by having Missouri taking the place of Alabama. But, after watching Mizzou dismantle North Carolina in their bowl game, we had better really be ready to play. Mizzou has always had good athletes.

    If Jarvis Jones and B. Rambo return next year rather than turn pro, as well as all the others expected to return, the defense should be outstanding once again. Hopefully we have a very solid O line but I am concerned about the youth at tackle, though the talent should be through the roof. We should have an upgrade at running back as we now have Keith Marshall and probably will get Todd Gurley and/or Mike Davis.

    I would think going into 2012 UGA and South Carolina would be the teams to beat. I do like playing South Carolina in October rather than game # 2.

    Happy New Year to all!

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