NCAA, Can You Explain A Few Things?

Senator Blutarsky linked to an AJC Story that listed several secondary violations committed by the UGA coaching staff.  I have a question for the NCAA based on these violations. 

Dear NCAA,

Hi, how are things?   The Univeristy of Georgia, my alma mater, recenlty self reported several secondary violations that I am sure you are aware of.  I have a few questions regarding these violations.  One, head football coach Mark Richt gave money from his personal checking account to persons on his staff who he felt deserved more compensation.  How does a a coach giving money from his own pocket give a school a competitve advantage for student athletes?    He was simply doing what his administration wouldn’t do (although if you saw the play of the linebackers under Coach Jancek, I am not sure what he did to deserve the pay increase, but that is neither here nor there). 

I don’t think you should be involved in the scandal a few hundred miles north of Athens in State College, PA, but I am curious.  How can you find fault with a coach taking it upon himself to financially help his assistants and suppport staff, when another head coach was taking it upon himself to take care of his former assistant by turning a blind eye to child molestation?   If there ever was a case for “lack of institutional control”, Penn State fits the bill. 

Another instance of violation, UGA provided two meals valued at around $20 to the 5 year old brother of a recruit.  Again, UGA bought the meal for a child, and that is wrong.  Penn State’s Athletic Department, due to turning a blind eye to illegal and morally wrong activities that were going on in the team facilities, ruined the lives of countless children.  Buying a meal for a child-> violation.  Covering up child molestation-> no violation. 

Thank you for taking time review my questions, and feel free email the blog with your response.

Merry Christmas,


2 Responses to “NCAA, Can You Explain A Few Things?”

  1. 1 BlakeDawg December 20, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Just curious, what is “chile molestation?” Sounds pretty serious.

    Excellent article! Mark Richt is one of the best bosses and leaders in the world!

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