Looks Like I Was Right About Malzahn

I posted this after the Iron Bowl.  I believed it three weeks ago and believe it now.  Gus Malzahn did himself no favors professionally when he decided the return to Auburn following the National Championship game last year.  His stock was at an all time high.   Malzahn will take the Arkansas State HC job and take around a $450,000 pay cut to per year to do so (or, Mike Bobo’s salary). 

Fans say all the time, I would trade one great year for several bad years.  I have said that before.  Auburn fans, let me know how that works in a year or two. 


1 Response to “Looks Like I Was Right About Malzahn”

  1. 1 Whiskeydawg December 15, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    I think you called that right. I always believe the bad year Will Muschamp had at Florida took the shine off of hiring a “hot” young OC with no head coaching experience. I think that is at least part of the reason why Smart wasn’t chosen at A&M and why Gus was not looked at for some of the top coaching positions that were open. If you look at the top openings, everyone hired a guy who had solid head coaching experience.

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