1,051,200 minutes-How Do You Measure, Measure A Career?

I agree with Kyle King about Isaiah Crowell.  An old saying someone used for their senior quote at my high school rings true to most of us, especially Crowell:  You have to be young and stupid before you can be old and wise.  In spite of being hurt legit some of the time, being “hurt” most of the time, and coming and going from Coach Richt’s dog house, Isaiah Crowell still managed to have a good freshman season and showed flashes of why he was the #1 ranked runningback a year ago.  I get all that.

What frustrates me about Crowell is there is so much talent there, and it is not being applied properly.  Am I writing him off?  Hell no.  But unfortunately we have seen this story more often than not.  All Isaiah Crowell has to do is trust the coaches and give the program 2 more years.  He doesn’t have to stay for 4 years and doesn’t have to graduate.  We are asking for 2 more years.  If he can improve just slighlty on his production this year, and get 1000 yards a season over the next two years, he will be a rich man late April/Early May 2014.  2 years.  731 days (leap year in 2012-I caught it!).  1,051,200 minutes.   63,072,000 seconds.

Crowell just needs to give UGA and Coach Richt two years more years.  It is not that long, in the grand scheme of things.   

Here is a personal message to Crowell:  Suck it up, stay in the games a little longer, maintain a C average in your Health and Physical Education major (it’s not Chemistry here, dude), don’t smoke weed and don’t get arrested.  If you do this, Isaiah, if you just do those 5 simple tasks, you could make more money than you  ever would imagine in your wildest dreams without even playing a snap of professional football. 

Crowell’s has a choice to make, and it is his choice alone.  His career can go down 3 paths:

1.  Follows the Knowshon Moreno example.  He sucks it up for the next 2 years, does the 5 steps I outlined above, improves slightly over his freshman year, gets close to 3,000 yards in his career, and gets drafted in the spring of 2014.  He makes beaucoups of money.

2.  Follows the Washaun Ealey/Jasper Sanks example:  He continues to have a bad attitude, Joe T. II works the crap out of him, he doesn’t buy in to what the coaches ask him to do, and he transfers to a small school and never realizes his full potential.

3.  Or he stays on the team, but doesn’t contribute much and never makes an impact.

The choice is Crowell’s.  It can end up very well for him, or it can end badly.  He has to realize that with him or without him, Georgia will still be Georgia.  UGA just signed another #1 RB, has plenty of weapons at QB and wide receiver.  Sure, having a fully productive RB will  make it much easier and I would rather have Crowell than not, but Crowell must realize he needs UGA and Coach Richt more than Coach Richt and UGA need him. 


PS:  And I promise, this will be the last reference to “Rent” or any other musical here on TGT.  Don’t wory.

2 Responses to “1,051,200 minutes-How Do You Measure, Measure A Career?”

  1. 1 ben December 14, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    “He has to realize that with him or without him, Georgia will still be Georgia.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish more guys had Jarvis’ attitude. FWIW, I follow Keith Marshall on twitter (did I just type that?) and his attitude seems leaps and bounds above many of the TBs of recent memory that we’ve had the (dis)pleasure of watching ‘tween the Hedges.

    Either way, I think the competition benefits everyone including IC (whether he thinks it or not) and I am excited for the bowl game!!


  2. 2 Tuxedodawg December 14, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    It’s not a sports blog until there’s a musical theatre reference. Couldn’t agree with you more, though.

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