A Look Back on Bold Preseason Predictions

Now that the dust has settled and the air has cleared, let’s look back on some bold predictions I made during the preseason.  As I am writing this intro, I have not checked myself, and honestly can’t remember what some of them were, but I know they are not going to be pretty.  I was 40% correct last year, so let’s see how I do.

First, the natioal predictions:

1.  Penn State will win whatever division they are in, and also win the Big 10 Title.   In fairness to me, this was looking to be a very sharp pick.  But we all know what happened, and while Penn State still managed to have a decent season, they are playing Houston in the Ticket City Bowl (I have never seen Ticket City on a map, is it like Springfield in The Simpsons?) WRONG.

2.  Georgia Tech will win 10 games, but not play in the ACC Championship game.   Tech started 6-0 and finished 2-4 in the second half.  Shockingly, one of those wins came against Clemson.  The other came against Duke.  I thought Tech would be better but I was WRONG

3.  Only one team that played in a BCS game last season will repeat in the same game.  To help jog your memory, let’s run down last years’  games:   BCS Title game:  Oregon vs. Auburn; Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. UConn; Sugar:  Arkansas vs Ohio State; Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Stanford; Rose: Wisconsin vs. TCU.   I had thought that Oklahoma would go back to Fiesta, but I gave myself some wiggle room.  Stanford, Oregon, Virigina Tech and Wisconsin are still playing in BCS bowls (so much for that parity), but only Wisconsin is repeating in the same bowl, so I got this RIGHT.

4.  Notre Dame will be declared as being “back”.   Notre Dame should have gone 10-2 this year.  How they lost to South Florida and Michigan is mind blowing.  They do play Florida State in a bowl, and I will say this:  whoever wins that game will be definately be “back” in 2012.  WRONG.

1/4 in national predictions.  Let’s see how I did for SEC predictions:

1.  Auburn won’t win as many games as it did a year ago?  Taking a cue from the Jeremy Foley/Greg McGarity cupcake scheduling, I gave myself a sure winner.  And plus, Auburn was really bad this year.  Now that Dyer is suspended, look for the Tigers to lose to Virgina.  RIGHT.

2.   Arkansas is overrated- I am still not sure how good they are and if they deserved to be ranked #3, but they are a good football team.  I’ll admit I was WRONG

3.  Georgia WILL beat Florida– Let’s just enjoy this one.  Also, look what I said:  Not part of the offical prediction, but Muschamp will have a learning curve.  The schedule does him no favors.  I look for the Gators to have another 5 loss season.  He’s young.  Young, first time head coaches have some growing pains.  Look for the Gators to get out coached some games and Muschamp to make some rookie mistakes, especially in the areas of clock managment.  I look for the Dawgs to get right against the Gators.  I was RIGHT in the official prediction, and even I couldn’t forsee how bad the Gators would be. 

4.  Tyler Bray will have more passing yards than Aaron Murray.  Injuries really hurt Tennessee this year, and injuries kept Tyler Bray from maximizing his full potential.  I would like to plead for an “Incomplete” here (and the Penn State guess), but you are either right or wrong, and I was most certainly WRONG

5.  Branden Smith will lead UGA in INTs.  Only had 2.  That honor goes to Rambo.  WRONG.

6.  LSU will beat Alabama on November 6- Bingo.

So I was 3/6 in SEC Predictions and 1/4 in National Predictions.  I was 4/10 overall, and my 40% clip is the same from a year ago.  At least I didn’t get worse.



3 Responses to “A Look Back on Bold Preseason Predictions”

  1. 1 Andy December 12, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    At least you got the most important one (#3) right.

  2. 2 Tuxedodawg December 12, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Your #1 prediction being false isn’t your fault. That whole Penn State came out of nowhere and really shocked us…no pun intended.

  3. 3 ericdawg December 12, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    You are okay, but no better than flipping for heads and tails.

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