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What Would Herbstreit Say?

I want UGA to win the SEC Championship over LSU for all the obvious reasons, but wouldn’t it be fun to have Georgia win the SEC and (deservedly) not play for the BCS National Championship, then hear the pundits make the case for who should play for it all?  LSU would fall in the polls, and Alabama would probably move into the top 2 of the BCS.

I would love for Herbie to make the case with a straight face that a team who didn’t even win its division should play for the BCS Title. 

That would just be a barrell of monkeys, wouldn’t it.



Gus Malzahn Most Overrated Coordinator In America

Is anyone other than me tired about hearing about how great Gus Malzahn is?  He should flee for the next head coaching job he is offered, because his stock has peaked and it is only going to get lower from here. 

Malzahn got very fortunate to have the greatest player in the SEC since Herschel Walker on his team.  Cam Newton is an offensive coordinator’s dream come true.  He can throw, he can run and he can get you first downs in short yardage situations. 

This is nothing new to me.  I have been saying it for two years, since Auburn was beaten by UGA in a thrilling 2009 game.  Allow me to refresh your memory for a moment:  in that game, Auburn got off to a 14-o lead, and UGA won 31-24.  Auburn only scored 10 points after the first quarter.  Auburn got off to a hot start in 2009, winning its first 5 games before losing going 2-7 down the stretch, going 3-5 in the SEC.   I said it then and I say it now:  Malzahn has the first few plays/series scripted out, then once the game wears on and situations change, he can’t keep up with the speed of the game.  It was obvious then, and it is obvious now.

Go back and look through the box scores of the games this season against their 7 SEC games and Clemson, and you’ll see how they score a majority of their points in the first half.  Also, this season against Arkansas and UGA, they scored all twenty one of their points in those two games in the first quarter.  For six quarters against two of the best teams they have faced, they scored 0 points. 

Opponent 2nd Half Points Total Points Percentage
Mississippi State








South Carolina
















Ole Miss












Now, the obvious outlier there is Ole Miss.  If you take out Ole Miss, the percentage goes from 35 down to 28.  In the SEC, Auburn ranks 9th in the SEC -behind Florida!- at 24.2 ppg.  Auburn also ranks 9th in the SEC in scoring against teams with a winning record at a very poor 14.2 points per game.   (

It is also down from their very first season.  In 2009, Auburn was 3rd in the SEC scoring 33.3 ppg and against teams with a winning record, that number was 25.6.   And that was with Tubberville’s players not equipped to run that scheme.  Against the best teams on its schedule, Auburn is scoring 20 points per game WORSE in 2011 than in 2009.  What has happened to all that innovative recruiting?

I am not trying to hate on Auburn.  They Plainsmen have had a very difficult schedule, playing 4 teams in the top 13 on the road.  I also think Auburn has over achieved this season, doing better than I thought before the season began. 

But I am also tired of hearing how great Gus Malzahn is.  These stats clearly show three things:  1)  Auburn’s offense really suffers without Cam Newton, as would be expected 2) Gus Malzahn, once deviating from the script, cannot put his unit in a position to be successful as the game wears on 3) Good defenses have figured out how to stop Auburn.


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday: College Football

Kimbrel Named NL ROY

In a story that should surprise no one, Craig Kimbrel was unanimously voted today as the NL Rookie of the Year.  I thought Freeman might get some consideration.  Although Kimbrel struggled at times, especially later in the season, he was pretty dominant the whole season.  Considering he was the best rookie to ever play his position, I think it was a pretty clear and easy choice, as did the voters.

Big time congratulations!


Lock Him Up

I say whatever Todd Grantham wants, Todd Grantham gets.  Defense wins championships, and a defense that is only giving up 13 ppg will win you a championship.  We can spend all offseason talking about who is coming back, but the Dawgs will have a TON of talent back from this year’s team back next season. 

 With the all of the talent coming back in 2012, it would be in the best interest to borrow Macon Mayor Robert Reichert’s campaign slogan and let’s “keep a good thing going.” 


Aaron Murray Proves He is Elite

Aaron Murray is having a tremendous year.   Yes, Murray had a terrible game against South Carolina (terrible is relative; 4 TD and 248 yards going 19/29 is good, the 1 INT and fumble for a Melvin Ingram TD was what cost UGA that game).  The 3 INT game against Mississippi State was bad also.   There were some ignorant fans calling for Hutson Mason to get a start or suggesting that Murray be given a short leash was completely wrong.

Murray does have 8 INT.  No getting around that.  But Aaron has the best passer rating in the SEC, leads the conference in yards per attempt and TDs, and is mere tenths of percentage points for being the second most accurate passer in the SEC.  The 27 TD is way better than second place in that category (Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson with 18 TD). 

Nationally, Aaron Murray is 8th in TDs, 12th in passer rating, 15th in yards per attempt.  The national numbers are skewed, though, becuase there are some teams out there (Houston, etc…) that throw it a lot more than Georgia and don’t have as balanced offense as the Dawgs.  Murray ranks 56th in the nation in attempts per game.  There are several players who have 40+ attempts per game. 

Again, like with the Dawgs’ success, I don’t want to hear how Murray has padded his stats against the bottom feeders of the SEC.  SEC is SEC, and all players have stat padding games like Coastal Carolina and New Mexico State.

Aaron Murray has broken all UGA records for a QB in a season, and has 4 games left to completely obliterate that record. 

Aaron Murray is playing at a very elite level.


A Closer Look At The UGA Defense

I have done this every Monday since the Ole Miss game.  It only has gotten better:

Georgia’s defense has played outstanding so far this season.   Its scoring defense is at around 20 ppg, and if that holds, it would be the lowest since 2007.

The scoring defense is calculated like this:

(35+45+0+14+10+12+28+20+16+7)/10= 18.7 ppg. 

That represents team scoring defense, or how much the whole team has given up.   It doesn’t take into account how great the defense has played.  That calculation takes into account 28 points against South Carolina,  7 against Ole Miss,  7 against Mississippi State, 7 against Vanderbilt and 7 against Florida that the Defense was not even on the field

A more accurate calculation to find scoring defense would be:

(35+17+0+7+3+12+21+13+16+7)/10= approx. 13.1 ppg. 

If the defense continues to give up around 13 points a game, Georgia is going to have a great season.  13 ppg is lower than any ppg average the defense gave up during the Van Gorder era.   The 16 points scored by the NM State Aggies was the most that points scored soley on the defense since the Vanderbilt game, and Saturday was only the 4th time all season the opposing team did not get freebie points from speacial teams or offense. About 25% of the points scored against UGA this season the defense has not been accountable for. 

UGA’s defense has only given up 9 defensive touchdowns in its last 7 games.  One came on a trick play and another came with two and a half minutes left in the Tennessee game.  Another came from a trick play versus Vandy.  Another came from blown coverage on 4th and 19 against Florida (thier only offensive TD).  This may not have been the top teams in the SEC,  but we have a been shutting down teams and they have been unable to move the ball on the UGA defense.   What was so astoninshing is the 2nd half play of the defense.   Teams have scored on big plays.  Rarely has a team been able to drive the length of the field and score a TD against the UGA defense.

The UGA defense has playmakers all over the field.  The talent on that side of the ball is the best its been in 7 years.  Jarvis Jones is awesome and should win SEC Defensive Player of the Year (and he doesn’t play for Alabama or LSU).

What Georgia’s defense did to the Gators is comparable to what Alabama and LSU did.  What UGA’s defense has done against Mississippi State is comparable to what Alabama and LSU did.  What UGA did to Auburn is better than what LSU did.  Naysayers can complain about the schedule being weak, but I am sorry:  When you hold the second best running game in the SEC 140 yards below its average and when you only give up a TOTAL  of 12 rushing yards to Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee, no matter how good or bad they are, that is pretty special.

And this has been without Alec Ogletree most of the time and Christian Robinson a significant amount of time.  The second half of the Florida game, the UGA Defense had its full contingent for truly the first time all season.  The result for Florida?  32 yards, 3 points and one first down.  Look at Auburn’s box score and see what a fully healthy and confident UGA defense can do.

I have been saying it for weeks here every Monday folks.  The UGA defense is elite.