Stand By Your (Coach)

I will admit, like Tyler Dawgden, I was worried the morning of September 4.  I thought, after seeing the team get out classed by Boise State in the Dome, the Dawgs would be bad again in 2011.  I thought by the time the calendar came around to the Florida game, Rodney Garner would be the interim Head Coach.   I am a Richt guy.  I have been loyal to Coach Richt for years, even when folks had already jumped off the bandwagon.  But on September 4, 2011 I had resigned myself to think that on November 28, 2011, this blog and others would be filled with posts about possible replacements.

 Richt is as solid the UGA Headcoach as ever, and 4 months to the day the team was embarrassed by Boise State, UGA will go back to the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship for the 4th time in 11 seasons.

I spend a lot of time in the car.  I have a lot of time to think, and my thinking time is where I come up with a lot of ideas for posts.  I usually have my thoughts in order and then put  the fingers to the keyboard.  When someone famous dies, most newspapers have an obituary prepared to run.  The obit that the AJC had last week for Larry Munson has been prepared years in advance.   If Queen Elizabeth dies tomorrow, the obituary by and large has already been written, etc…

I had already come up with the points I wanted to make in a post titled “The Rise and Fall of Mark Richt at Georgia”. 

Those thoughts are now gone away. 

Then the team lost to South Carolina in an all too familar way. We outplayed the Gamecocks, but yet found a way to lose.  I though the team had it in them to still win 9 games, my personal goal to retain Richt, but it looked bleak.  There was no leash and plenty of rope.

But the team never quit.  The Coaches never quit.  And it gave me great pleasure to see on ESPN last night, the NCAAF had a tab labled “Firings” last night on the bottom line, and Mark Richt was not on that list.

Coach Richt took a big gamble in sticking to the no huddle, hurry  up offense.  When most folks were ready to send Bobo off, he stood by his young OC and said the strategy would work.  And it has. 

Les Miles will win SEC Coach of the Year.  He deserves it.  Steve Spurrier has also done his best work in years.  But Mark Richt should get consideration for 2nd place.  He has done a tremendous job, and now the UGA football program is back on the right track.  Regardless of what happens in Atlanta Saturday-the Dawgs are playing with house money-the future looks bright.


3 Responses to “Stand By Your (Coach)”

  1. 1 barndawg November 28, 2011 at 11:22 am

    On a completely random, unrelated note….Your title immediately made me think of the Blues Brothers version of that song. And when I think of the Blues Brothers, I’ll always remember BuyPropertyUcheeDawg & RoyalDawg’s famous run as Jake and Elwood.

  2. 2 ucheedawgedawg November 28, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Weren’t they a couple of clowns…..

  3. 3 paul November 29, 2011 at 8:24 am

    I love Mark Richt and as far as I am concerned he can hang around as long as he likes. However, given the previous two seasons, after the losses to Boise and South Cackalackey, I was pretty much 100% certain McGarity was hard at work on his short list. At the time, I did not believe Richt would be employed by the University of Georgia today. That idea made me sick but I believed it to be so. Now look where we are. Barring a complete collapse in the SECCG and whatever bowl we make, he’ll probably get a contract extension. Life is, well I don’t know what it is. That’s why we have to get up, get out of bed and live it. Never give up. Richt, his staff and the entire Bulldog team have proved themselves to be Damn Good Dawgs.

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