Thanks, Larry

This one’s a tough. It’s as tough of loss for the Bulldog Nation since we lost Lewis.

My first year of college, I made the mistake of living with two guys living in sin. One was a Florida fan and the other a Tennessee fan. Neither understood why I ‘just had’ to watch a game with the tv turned down and the radio up. Indeed, that’s what sets Munson apart from other announcers. How many times these days do you turn the TV down to hear the radio call of the game?

Larry Munson was not just an announcer, he was THE college football announcer. He represented a rare breed, one of which had the art of storytelling of a game down to a T, and oh did he do it well.

Like many, I heard Munson on the radio long before making it to a game – his gravely voice that was as if he was there on the couch next to you, as frustrated as you were about the game (seemed there were lots of those days during the time I became a Georgia fan). Phrases, like, “The clock! The clock! It’s Getting late, you guys! or “My God, there’s too much time in this thing.”

It felt like Larry was not some big-time polished announcer. He could have been your next door neighbor, and that’s what made him great, it was like watching the game with your average fan.

Larry would exaggerate how bad things were at times, such as in 1990 against Alabama when he said, “We’ve been behind for 17 hours!!”

If you want a true testament to Larry’s greatness, a look online in the hours after news about his death was releases is all you need to know. Fans from rival schools of the Dawgs, who often have little good to say about UGA, have chimed in with their condolences and expressions of how much of an icon to college football Larry Munson was. Heck, even Wes Durham, radio voice of Georgia Tech and friend of Larry’s, said this

Thanks, Larry. You were a Damn Good Dawg and there will never be another like you again.

May your time in heaven be greeted with quality movies and an unbroken steel chair.

Lugnut Dawg

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