This Sums Up Penn State/Joe Pa

Won’t hammer too much on this.  The Joe Pa story has dominated the national headlines the last few days. 

Thinking about Joe Paterno and all the allegations surrounding this, I go back to how this could have been avoided if he had done something.  In 1998, but at the very latest 2002.  Probably, if Paterno’s greed and ego had not gotten in the way, he could have retired gracefully years ago.  Joe Paterno, for his exploits on the field and his contributions to Penn State Univerisity, deserved for his last game at Happy Valley to be a joyous one.  He deserved to have a hero’s farewell.  That won’t happen, and unfortunately, it is not a travesty it is going down that way.  Joe Paterno has no one to blame but himself.  

Some were questioning the Board of Trustees not giving Joe Pa the benefit of telling him he was fired face to face, instead doing it over a phone call.  Sorry Joe Paterno, but you forfeited the right to that courtesy when you didn’t do those children the courtesy of calling the police.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

-War and Peace



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