BBQ Review-Jack’s BBQ Nashville, TN

A while ago we sent a request out to our readers to help us with our BBQ Reviews.  We have tried to review places across the state, but haven’t had a chance to do much of that recently.  Plus, there are several gret joints around that we haven’t made it to yet.  If you want to send us a review, email it to thegrittree (at) gmail (dot) com.  This review is a little late, but Al went to Nasvhille and reviewed a place for us.   Big thanks to loyal reader Al Dawkins!

My wife and I made the trip to Nashville this past weekend along with a friend of mine and his wife. In addition to watching one of the sloppiest games I have ever seen the Dawgs play, we were able to visit some of the Music City’s finest restaurants (including Puckett’s in nearby Franklin, TN where Ted Danson was eating a couple tables down from us). Before we made the trek home, I knew the trip wouldn’t be complete without a sampling of some local BBQ. After a visit to the Ryman Auditorium on Sunday morning, we stopped by Jack’s BBQ at 416 Broadway in downtown Nashville (

It is definitely hard to miss, situated in the middle of many other restaurants, bars, and stores on Broadway. Apparently it is also a well-known place because a line started to form outside about 15 minutes before it opened, and the line to eat stretched all the way outside the entire time we were there. The walls were decorated with different BBQ themed posters and signs, as well as an assortment of hideously awful Titans and Volunteers memorabilia. Aside from that, it was a pretty neat atmosphere.

They serve a variety of meats including pulled pork shoulder, ribs, and chicken. They also had an assortment of side items including green beans, creamed corn, slaw, baked beans, and macaroni and cheese. Every meal also came with cornbread.

 I went with the pork shoulder plate with green beans and macaroni and cheese. Being the health-conscious person that I am (note the sarcasm), I drank water, but my friend said the sweet tea was pretty good. The side items were decent, but nothing to write home about. The macaroni and cheese was good enough, but just don’t expect it to be like momma used to make it. The green beans had entirely too much pepper, and I had to refill my drink several times while eating them.

After sampling the good-but-not-great side items, I expected the BBQ to be mediocre as well, but I must say it was some of the best pork I’ve ever tasted. It had a great smoked flavor and was extremely tender. There were a variety of sauces to choose from including the Kansas City (sweet and smoky) and Tennessee Original (vinegar based) sauces that I tried. They also had a Carolina mustard based sauce and XXX-911 hot sauce. The two sauces that I tasted were pretty good, but I’m not a big fan of covering good BBQ in sauce. To me, the taste of the meat should speak for itself, and that was definitely the case at Jack’s.

The next time you’re in Nashville, I recommend that you look for the neon flying pigs that welcome customers to Jack’s. Be sure to get there early before the line gets too long. You may want to try some different side dishes or ask for green beans without all the pepper, but the BBQ is definitely worth the wait.


Al Dawkins
Lincolnton, GA

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