I’m Mad As Hell and I Ain’t Gonna Take It No More

In most cases, a win over a rival which has been a proverbial thorn in your side should be cause for celebration. Since about 7:30 p.m., Saturday night, however, the Bulldog Nation has had to, at times spend as much time apologizing than celebrating.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of it.

It started near the end of the game, when one a misguided Florida fan noted that, ‘neither of these teams are any good, anyway.’

Let’s be honest, here. If Florida wins, it’s hailed as a signature win for Coach Boom. But when Mark Richt wins, it’s an ugly win and Georgia didn’t deserve to win. If you’re a true Bulldog, there is no such thing as a bad win over Florida.

Next, it was the whole ‘Georgia should be embarrassed of the schedule it plays.’ Look, I know that a certain segment of the SEC to our west is too occupied obsessing over something “I-Man” or “Legend” said on the radio, but teams DO NOT control their SEC schedules. Besides- Alabama, like Georgia was tied 6-6 at halftime against Tennessee. Does that mean Nick Saban should be on the hot seat, too?

Yes, UGA has the good fortune of not playing the top three teams in the SEC West – but it did play a top five non-conference team – no other team in the SEC can say so.

And then came Weed-Gate. Now, irregardless of what Coach Richt or Greg McGarity say, certain individuals and members of the media are convinced that because they heard unconfirmed info, that it must be true. Never mind waiting until info is public, let’s all speculate and blast the character of an entire fan base, regardless of the information being correct.

Call me an easily misled Georgia fan, but I accept the word of Mark Richt when he says it was not known about three failed drug tests until this past Monday. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

And let’s clear up one final thing – Mark Richt HAS NOT LOST CONTROL OF THIS PROGRAM. If he had, this team would have lost of Florida and Vandy.

I mean, LSU and South Carolina have had players discipline for drug usage this year – have Les Miles and Steve Spurrier ‘lost control of their programs?’

Look, as a high school assistant coach once told me, ‘you need a few thugs on your team,’ In other words, you’ll have knuckleheads every now and then do knuckleheaded things. It happens. I sure as heck did some dumb things when I was 20 years old.

Do the actions of our players dispappoint? Sure. But I’ve been a Bulldog for a long time, and don’t plan to change that.

And being a Bulldog – that’s nothing to apologize for.

Lugnut Dawg


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