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Posthumous Review of Jot Em Down BBQ

It is with heavy heart I must report on something I first learned about last Friday…Jot ‘Em Down BBQ closed its doors for the last time.   If you listend closely, I believe “Taps” was playing somewhere on the Macon Hwy.

Shout out to “A Christmas Story”, if you don’t get that reference, then there truly is no hope for you.

I always wanted to do a review of Jot ‘Em Down, but just never got around to it.  The last time I ate there was May of 2010; Buypropertyucheedawg and I were heading out to play some golf and went by there and got a sammich.

The meat was always good, and they had a variety of sauces.  But like Tim pointed out in the comments, Jot ‘Em Down had the best stew in Clarke County. 

Jot ‘Em Down was always special to me.  I lived in Whitehall Landing during the 2004-2005 school year, and Jot ‘Em Down was in the old country store located on the corner of Whitehall and Barnett Shoals Road.  I would walk from my apartment, get a large sandwich and order of plain Lays, and walk on back.  The short, but brisk, walk helped me justify consuming the extra large sandwich.  I was  a Sophomre at UGA and my BBQ palate was still growing.  Growing up in Rome, we had a little local cue place we’d get from time to time, then my freshman year at UGA was spent eating dining hall food or the 99 cent menu from Wendy’s.  I didn’t really branch out much to eat BBQ until I went down to Jot ‘Em Down.  That has always been a favorite of mine, and would take my parents there the few times they came to visit me in my apartment off of Whitehall. 

A lot of resturants/bars in Athens that I used to fancy have closed since I graduated.  The most appalling was Broad Street Bar and Grill.  I said that if cheap beer, hamburgers and wings couldn’t make it in Athens, nothing could.  Jot ‘Em Down should be a cuationary tale for any resturant owner:  if good BBQ in a great location can’t make it, then nothing else stands a chance.

“Jot ‘Em Down BBQ-the way it’s ‘sposed to be.”

God’s speed Jot ‘Em Down.  You will be missed. 


10/24 Mumme Poll Ballot

Top Team:  LSU

The rest:  Alabama, Oregon, Stanford, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Boise State, Clemson, Wisconsin

Some explanation:

Even though they lost, I still like Oklahoma.  They are clearly one of the top 10 teams in the country. 

Arkansas out after struggling against Ole Miss.

And I know Wisconsin lost to Michigan State, and Michigan State has one loss and has beaten Mighigan and Wisconsin, but I think Wisconsin is better.  Wisconsin only loss was on a hail mary,  and they have won big every other week.   Michigan State lost in convincing fashion to Notre Dame.  So I am penalizing the Spartans for the loss against the Irish.

Big weekend this weekend coming up for Oklahoma and Kansas State and Oklahoma State has a tough test against Baylor.

I Got 99 Problems

You won’t hear many rap references on the blog.  I don’t think Lewis would approve.  I don’t even like rap music, but I must say I like a few songs (and can “rap” the lyrics), and can name the songs literally on one hand:  Forget about Dre, Nothin’ but a “G” Thing, Baby Got Back, Empire State of Mind, and the inspiration for this post:  99 Problems. 

I like the Dawgs on Saturday.  I am sure we’ll get into more as the week progresses, but in short, here’s why I like the Dawgs:  UGA’s Defense.

But there are reasons that UGA might lose:

1.  Special Teams errors.

2. The Offense giving up points.

3.  The Defense biting too hard on Rainey and Demps’ speed.

4.  The Defense not adjusting to the Wildcat QB

5.  The Offense not being able to move the ball, constantly putting our defense in bad positions all night, a la Boise State.

6. Settling for Field Goals in the Red Zone.

7.  The fact the game is in Jacksonville and we have wet the bed every time minus 3 the last 20 years once we run out on the field and see who we are playing.

8.  Maybe we haven’t improved as well as we thought we had, and are actually not a good team at all.

9-99:  Fill in the blank, you are creative.

100.  The team went to the Ramsey Pool.

If you’re having football problems I feel bad for you son, but the Dawgs got 99 problems and the pool ain’t one.

I think we win, but if we don’t I am going to throw this out there now:  spare me the crap that the team wasn’t focused because they spent an hour at the high dive. 


It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

An oldie, but a goodie:


Friday Locks

TGT is 54-41-6 overall on the year.  Corbindawg leads the way with a 75% winning percentage, though had a bad week last week.


Alabama -30

Georgia Tech +3

Texas Tech +30


FSU -17

NC State +6

Southern Miss -3


Clemson -10.5

Kansas State -10.5

Nevada -11.5

And this is not an offical pick, but if you want some MACtion, go with the bank of Temple -13.5


Clemson -10.5

Miami -3

Michigan State +7.5


Arkansas -16

Vandy -11

Nebraska -25


I Was in the Pool!!!!!

Be prepared for an onslaught of questioning of focus of the the football program at the University of Georgia. Mark Richt had the sheer gall to, during an off week, take his team on its annual team building outing to the Ramsey Center pool.

Happy Birthday, Lewis….oh and bout Khadafy…

Maybe it’s fitting that on today, what would have been Lewis’ 65th birthday, one of his favorite targets, Khadafy – Qadafi – Qhadafi (seriously, the guy has more names that Auburn has mascots) is killed.

Today is one of many events of which we at the TGT miss Lewis, as we all wonder what kind of thoughts he’d have on Qadafi’s death.

Colonel Khadafy — The No. 1 El Freako

Throughout history there always has been at least one nut case loose who is trying to play havoc with the rest of the world.
There was Attila the Hun, of course. Great guy when you got to know him, said his best friend, Leroy the Hun, but he was bad to sack cities and rape and pillage.

(The term “rape” I am familiar with, but I’ve never quite known what you do when you sack a city or pillage whatever it is you pillage. I slept through most of the ancient history courses I had in high school.)

In more modern times we have had Hitler, Idi Amin and the Duvalier boys from Haiti.

But the No. 1 el freako in the world today has to be Col. Moammar Khadafy of Libya, who is so nutty he spells his last name six or seven different ways.

I’m not certain what it is Col. Khadafy wants. Attila the Hun wanted to rape, sack and pillage. Hitler wanted to rule the world.

Col. Khadafy apparently wants to be a large pain in the world’s behind. (I’m not certain where the world’s behind is, but Libya certainly would be one of my first guesses. New Jersey wouldn’t come until much later.)

If that is what Col. Nutso wants, he is doing a very good job of getting it. He’s in the papers most days, he’s on the tube most every night, and he has gotten so much attention as the world’s bad boy, he has become a household word. Like “toilet.”

I have observations about how we should handle the Colonel and the Libyan situation.

First, I think we should launch an investigation into the fact that Col. Khadafy looks very much like the baseball pitcher, Joaquin Andujar. We all know after watching the World Series last year in which Andujar, then with the St. Louis Cardinals, set a World Series record for throwing temper tantrums a la Khadafy, not to mention beanballs.

Could it be that Joaquin Andujar and Col. Khadafy are the same person? Have you ever seen them photographed together? If they are the same person, then all we have to do is get a few Marines to hide in the opposing team’s dugout one night and when Andujar-Khadafy walks in, the Marines could beat him with fungo bats until he promises to go back to Libya and hush.

Also, we could send him a year’s supply of Tylenol, or spread a rumor he has AIDS. We could send Frank Borman to run his personal finances, or we could get Dr. Jan Kemp to sue him.

I heard former Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee, who might even become our next president, make a speech recently. He told a joke that isn’t a bad idea of how to handle Khadafy, either.

“One morning,” Baker began, “President Reagan called his aides and wanted them to bring John Hinckley Jr., who tried to assassinate him, to the Oval Office.

“When Hinckley arrived, the president said he had forgiven him and would order his release.

“Hinckley was overwhelmed. He said, `Thank you, Mr. President. Is there anything I could do to repay you for your kindness?’

“The president said, `Well, there is this one little thing.’ He took a folder out of his desk and pulled out a picture of Col. Khadafy.

“He said to Hinckley, `See this guy? He’s dating Jodie Foster . . .’ “

Mumme Poll Ballott

Pretty Easy this week:

LSU (top Team)

Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State,  Clemson, Oregon, Boise State, Stanford, Wisconsin. 

I was wrong last week with Michigan.


LOST Moment at the UGA-Vanderbilt Game

I am sorry, did I miss something?  Did UGA players dance on the Vanderbilt star this past Saturday?  Things were so chaotic, it was like an episode of LOST.  I didn’t think we went all 2007, but apparently one Vandy recruit saw that.

“Yes, Vanderbilt was right to step up after all of that. They disrespected our head coach with all the taunting toward the sidelines and dancing on the Vanderbilt star in the middle of the field. Georgia should’ve just shook hands after the game and left it like that.”

This is getting ridiculous.  Did someone show Darreon Herring the right game?  I established yesterday how James Franklin was a whinning liar with an inferiority complex.  Bernie linked to a Dean Legge story that shows clearly that Franklin did not go on the field to shake hands with Coach Richt and started the provocation.  It also shows multiple Vanderbilt asssistant coaches getting in the fray.  I had to get a friend to show me the pictures, but one Vandy Assistant coach is clearly yelling “F U” also, so Grantham was not the only one getting involved in the fun.

So how is this situation like an episode of LOST?  Easy.  I hate to say, but James Franklin is like my favorite character, Ben Linus.   He is a liar, a manipulator, and suffers from little man syndrome.  His inferiority complex will cause him to lie to retain his power at all cost, and doesn’t matter who he destroys to make himself look better.  Plus they both wear glasses.

But how did James Franklin, who started the whole fracas, manipulate a 17 year old that the Georgia players were the bad guys and dancing on the star-something that happend 4 years ago?  Well, in his Ben Linus ways, I submit to you that Coach Franklin went underground to the frozen chamber under Vanderbilt Stadium at Dudley Field and turned a giant wheel a la Ben Linus to transport the recruit back in time an event that happened when  he was just beginning puberty. 

Surely, NCAA, time travel is an impermisable benefit? 


Blair Walsh Getting His Work In

In doing some research for another post, I found that this season, Blair Walsh has attempted 20 Field Goals through 7 games.   In his previous 3 years, the most attempts in a season for him has been 23 (2xs) and 22 the other year.

I’d say he is going to surpass that…

Also, he has missed 8 FG this season.  He missed 5 the last two years combined.