TGT Friday Locks

A little late today…TGT had a good week last week, with each of us having a winning week, the first of the year.  Overall for the season, TGT is a cool 60% correct total on our picks.  

Corbindawg (2-1 last week, 18-6 overall)

Arizona at Washington (-4.5)

Arkansas (-10) at Vanderbilt

United States Naval Academy (+21) at Notre Dame-I know Navy runs the triple option.  I know Paul Johnson, who we are supposed to hate, used to coach there.  But I just love Navy.  Navy might be my favorite team now after UGA.   They are a lot better than their 2-5 record indicates. 

Kensingtondawg ( 3-0 last week, 14-7 overall)

USC +8.5

Missouri +11.5

Ohio State +7.5

Granite (2-1 last week, 15-9 overall)

Clemson -3.5

Mississippi State -10

Oklahoma State -14

Ucheedawg (3-0 last week, 12-11-1 overall)

Ok State -14

Clemson -3.5

Navy +21

Barndawg (2-1 last week, 7-11 overall)

NC State +19 at Florida State
Michigan state +4 at Nebraska
Iowa -16
at Minnesota
Mizzou at Texas A&M -10.5
Baylor at Oklahoma State -14

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