Way To Beat Muschamp’s Defense

Mark Richt/Mike Bobo have faced will Muschamp while serving as defensive coordinator 5 times since 2003, and are 3-2.  Three times at LSU, twice at Auburn. The first two contests, UGA couldn’t do anything, scoring 10 points in Death Valley and 13 against LSU in the 2003 SEC Championship Game.  

In 2004, defending champs LSU got throttled by UGA 45-16.  In 2006, UGA beat 5th ranked Auburn 37-15 and in 2007, UGA made Muschamp’s D “black out” and the Dawgs rolled past Auburn 45-17.  In the 5 games, UGA has scored 30 ppg vs Muchamps’ defense, and in the last 3 contests (the 3 victories) averaged 40.6 ppg.

Stout defense played a major part in those victories, but watch these highlights and relive some glorious moments.  You’ll notice one trend (aside from the awesome play of the UGA secondary, which has as much talent now as it has since 2004 or 2005):  UGA moved the ball by running the ball effectively and taking advantage of the aggressive, man coverage on the deep ball. It also doesn’t hurt to use a mobile quarterback:

2006 vs Auburn

2007 vs Auburn

Going back to the 2004 LSU game, David Greene was only 10/19 for 172 yards but had 5 TDs. The Dawgs had 190 yards on the ground on 35 carries from Danny Ware and Thomas Brown.

2006 against Auburn, Stafford was 14/20 for 219 and 1 TD.  Kregg Lumpkin and Stafford rushed for 188 yards on 28 carries between them.

2007 against Auburn, Stafford was only 11/19 for 237 and 2 TDs, but Knowshon and Brown rushed for 182 on 36 carries.

Run the ball effectively, don’t throw it a bunch.  Use the run to set up the deep pass.  This game plan works every time, has worked majority of time against Muschamp’s defense every time the Dawgs have faced him, and should work on Saturday.  If it does, we will see similar results.


UPDATE:  That might be easier said than done. Hopefully, the week off has rested Crowell.  He has rushed only 20+ twice, 30 against Ole Miss and 22 against Mississippi State.  To open up the passing game, Georgia needs a tailback-um, hum, Crowell-to tote the rock 20+ times and do it effectively.

3 Responses to “Way To Beat Muschamp’s Defense”

  1. 2 dawgfan17 October 27, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    The Stafford running for huge yards against AU game could be something Bobo needs to go back to. Murray is a better runner than Stafford and that read play we used against AU in 2006 worked to perfection. I would love to see us run it a couple times per quarter. It should pick up good yards as well as slow down their pass rush. I also think Murray is a better throwing the ball after he runs the ball a few times to get some of the adreneline out of his system.

  2. 3 ericdawg October 28, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Mark Richt needs to move out of his comfort zone and think outside the box.

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