Where Has The Chip On The Shoulder Gone?

I just stumbled across a highltight video of the 2007 Alabama game this morning.  It was either stuff enevelopes or watch the video, so I decided my envelopes could wait 15 minutes.

I was there at this game.  I was on the opposite side lower level than where the play happened, and I thought at first the game winning pass to Henderson was picked off.   I know that Alabama was still getting its act together under Saban, but boy we took it to them that night.  What astoninshes me is that the offensive coaching is largely the same and the circumstances are mostly similar…we had a Sophomore QB, a frosh RB and a patchwork offensive line.  Yet the offense made plays when it needed to and look at the plays run-SCREEN PASSES.  Richt was confident.  Hell, for all you Bill Shanks lovers who think Richt is soft, he went for it all against Saban and out foxed him in over time.  23-3 at that point in opposing teams’ stadiums.  He has it in him damnit. 

You know you often hear folks say that while Stafford was great, he didn’t have the “it” factor.  He didn’t have the David Greene leadership that the great QBs have.  I think that is spot on.  But you know what else Stafford had besides tremendous talent?  He had confidence.  We’ve all heard/seen that game winning drive he had on in his rookie season where he was mic’d up.  The drive where he played with a bum shoulder.  Amazing.  Sure, Stafford’s confidence got him in trouble with interceptions, but he played knowing he could do whatever he wanted and make every damn throw he had to.

The Bulldogs have found that chip on the shoulder and swagger on defense again.  It is obvious.

But to beat the Gators, and to become great again, the Bulldogs need the confidence on offense back.  Aaron Murray no doubt is talented.  He has great physical tools and appears to be a great student of the game.  He is the leader of the team. But does he have that swagger?  Does he have that confidence?  You know, confidence is contagious.  We don’t need to be arrogant, but the Dawgs need to be confident again. They need to find that  chip on the shoulder.  Preferably before Saturday at 3:30 pm. 




4 Responses to “Where Has The Chip On The Shoulder Gone?”

  1. 1 McDawg October 25, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    but how many QBs can make some of those throws into coverage-A. Murray does not have the arm

    Note-on the screens-we knocked down their TE don’t understand why that does not happen more often

  2. 2 Sanford222View October 25, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    “Brittney who?….Is she here?”

    Mike Patrick, WTF?

  3. 3 dawgfan17 October 25, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    One thing to notice in all of the offensive highlights was that Stafford didn’t get knocked down. The line was giving him the time he needed and that was huge.

  4. 4 Careful Brad October 26, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Every time I hear Chuck and Chernoff talk about Stafford not having a memorable moment I think back to this game and then I remember why I don’t let two blowhards on the radio rewrite the history of our program.

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