How Hate Outweighs All Other Emotions

It is being labeld as “hate week”.  Why do I hate the Gators?   Well, I hate them for a lot of reasons, but I feel our reasons are the same as yours.  The Gators are our biggest rival, yet calling the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party a Rivalry is laughable.  A rivalry must be competitive, back and forth series.   The GA-Auburn series is true rivalry.  Yoda was right:

I don’t look forward to the Florida game on the schedule every year, I begin to hate them, which in turn I get angry every year on Saturday night after the game, which leads to a long, suffering ride home up Hwy 341 on Sunday afternoon.

My hate for the Gators was shown in an extreme case the other day:

 I don’t really watch the Falcons much.  Sunday’s schedule is usually this:  church, Mexican resturant for lunch, quick trip to grocery store, home to watch Falcons.  But I have not watched a full Falcons’ game in years.  Becuase about halfway through the first half, I start to doze off.  Some folks like to nap to NASCAR or golf, I like to snooze to Falcons on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

But this past Sunday I was determined to get home in time to watch the Falcons play and stay awake so I could watch Stafford and Detroit.  UGA and college football are my first choice, followed by the Braves, then the Falcons/NFL.  I don’t follow NFL as close, but it is hard to avoid since the WWL insist of ramming it down our throat as soon as the last college game is over. 

I even found myself pulling for the Lions.  Though a Techie, Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature and fun to watch.  Stafford is great, of course.   I want the Lions to succeed.   Plus, their schedule gets pretty tricky down the stretch.  If they want any chance to contend for a Wild Card, Atlanta at home was a good shot at a win for them. 

My wife and one of her friends who was over asked why would I pull for the Lions, over the home town team.  I said 1) I want them to be good so the Thanksgiving Day game will be more competitive and 2) I want to see Matthew Stafford do well and be successful.

My wife tried to trick me and asked me this question:  “But Corbindawg, what about the Broncos (see how smart she is?) and Tebow?  Knowshon is on the Broncos.”

Interesting conundrum we have here.  But I figured it out easily.

It was not that difficult, actually.

Even though the Broncos have TWO great Bulldogs in Moreno and Champ Bailey, that is not enough to make me want to see the Broncos win.  As long as Tebow is taking snaps, I hope the Broncos lose every game.  Nothing else matters.  My hate for Gators, ergo Tebow, burns so intense that I would forsake seeing two great Bulldogs be on winning teams just to see that Tebow is a loser.

Hate is not a good thing, but boy is it a powerful emotion.


2 Responses to “How Hate Outweighs All Other Emotions”

  1. 1 JC October 25, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I actually REFUSE to watch ANY NFL because I’ll have to root for a Gator or Techie or…you see the pattern here.

    How can I cheer with all my being for a player to fail in college but then to do a 180, forget all their past sins (especially wearing blue/orange) and root for the to succeed?

    Can’t happen. I never forget.

    Screw Tebow. Manning. Brookings, etc.

    I may be bitter, but I can’t cheer for them one year then root for them the next.

  2. 2 STUDAWG October 25, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    I hear your sentiment, and there are many that feel the same. But, I’m a Dawg and a Falcon. I root like hell for the Falcons. My sister was a Falcons cheerleader in 1998 and 1999 and I was at Super Bowl 33 watching the Falcons and my sister on the field at the same time. Stafford isnt a Dawg now, he is a Lion. And the Lions were playing against the Falcons, so screw Stafford and the Lions. I wasnt even a huge fan of Stafford when he was a Dawg, he aint a Georgia boy and he wasnt a very good leader when he was at UGA if you ask me. And I hate Florida just as much as the next Dawg, but Tim Tebow represents everything good about the NFL and people in general. He is a class act and I would pull for the Broncos with Tebow over the Lions any day. And his name isnt “Brookings”, its Keith Brooking and he is a solid guy as well, a true Georgia boy, I know him personally.

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