LOST Moment at the UGA-Vanderbilt Game

I am sorry, did I miss something?  Did UGA players dance on the Vanderbilt star this past Saturday?  Things were so chaotic, it was like an episode of LOST.  I didn’t think we went all 2007, but apparently one Vandy recruit saw that.

“Yes, Vanderbilt was right to step up after all of that. They disrespected our head coach with all the taunting toward the sidelines and dancing on the Vanderbilt star in the middle of the field. Georgia should’ve just shook hands after the game and left it like that.”

This is getting ridiculous.  Did someone show Darreon Herring the right game?  I established yesterday how James Franklin was a whinning liar with an inferiority complex.  Bernie linked to a Dean Legge story that shows clearly that Franklin did not go on the field to shake hands with Coach Richt and started the provocation.  It also shows multiple Vanderbilt asssistant coaches getting in the fray.  I had to get a friend to show me the pictures, but one Vandy Assistant coach is clearly yelling “F U” also, so Grantham was not the only one getting involved in the fun.

So how is this situation like an episode of LOST?  Easy.  I hate to say, but James Franklin is like my favorite character, Ben Linus.   He is a liar, a manipulator, and suffers from little man syndrome.  His inferiority complex will cause him to lie to retain his power at all cost, and doesn’t matter who he destroys to make himself look better.  Plus they both wear glasses.

But how did James Franklin, who started the whole fracas, manipulate a 17 year old that the Georgia players were the bad guys and dancing on the star-something that happend 4 years ago?  Well, in his Ben Linus ways, I submit to you that Coach Franklin went underground to the frozen chamber under Vanderbilt Stadium at Dudley Field and turned a giant wheel a la Ben Linus to transport the recruit back in time an event that happened when  he was just beginning puberty. 

Surely, NCAA, time travel is an impermisable benefit? 



1 Response to “LOST Moment at the UGA-Vanderbilt Game”

  1. 1 dawgfan17 October 19, 2011 at 3:23 am

    I guess the recruit missed the guy for Vandy starting the crap that led to one of Williams PF’s and the swing that player took at a Georgia player. He also must have missed what was the worst play of the game and that is the guy who tried to end Geathers career with a cheap shot to the knee after the play. I do thank Franklin for one thing though, he pretty much assured Vandy will not be overlooked by Georgia next year in Athens.

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