Closing out Cam-Gate

By now, you’ve likely heard about the NCAA closing the investigation into the recruitment of Cam Newton – clearing a certain college off of Interstate 85 of any wrongdoing. In short, any hopes we have of seeing Auburn’s National Title or a Heisman Trophy revoked are all but dead. Of course, a random back-up player could come forward down the road to suggest otherwise, but it likely wouldn’t be enough the mount much.

Basically, the NCAA decided that since it was unable to pin anything on Auburn, it was best to cut its losses and saved face while it could – they had no case, as much as many Georgia and Alabama fans wanted to them to have one. Either there was no wrong.

That doesn’t mean nothing was suspected, it just means that nothing could be proven.

In short, however, Wednesday’s ruling changes absolutely nothing.

Fans of various schools still suspect Auburn’s title is tainted. Auburn may be in the clear with the NCAA, but not in the court of public opinion. Think about it- how many people think that Casey Anthony or O.J. Simpson are really innocent?

The NCAA has a serious image problem. Various schools – successful ones – are either investigated or under suspect of blatant breaking of the rules. Until the NCAA can prove serious wrongdoing and punish a school like it stole its lunch money, expect the Auburns and Ohio States to continue to win.

Oh and speaking of the Wartigerplainsmen, last year’s euphoria has raised the bar super-high, putting more pressure Gene ‘5-19’ Chizik to either meet that level soon or he’ll be the latest Auburn coach to be removed by the Yella Wood Mafia.

Lugnut Dawg


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