A Closer Look At UGA Defense

Georgia’s defense has played outstanding so far this season.   It’s scoring defense is at around 19 ppg, and if that holds, it would be the lowest since 2006.

The scoring defense is calculated like this:

(35+45+0+14+20+12)/6= approximately 19.33 ppg. 

But that calculation takes into account 28 points against South Carolina,  7 against Ole Miss, and 7 against Mississippi State that the Defense was not even on the field. 

A more accurate calculation to find scoring defense would be:

(35+17+0+7+3+12)/6=  approximately 12.33 ppg. 

If the defense continues to give up around 12 points a game, Georgia is going to have a good season.  12 ppg is lower than any ppg average during the Van Girder era. 

UGA ‘s defense has only given up two defensive touchdowns in its last 4 games.  One came on a trick play and another came with two and a half minutes left in the Tennessee game.  This may not have been the top teams in the SEC,  but we have a been shutting down teams and they have been unable to move the ball on the UGA defense. 

And this has been without Alec Ogletree most of the time and Christian Robinson a significant amount of time.

(Ok, now I am done for the week.  GO DAWGS!!!)


1 Response to “A Closer Look At UGA Defense”

  1. 1 Jim October 10, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    If we average giving up 12 ppg the rest of the season, I think we will play in the Ga. Dome in December for the SECC.

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