Quick post-game thoughts

First of all, congrats to coach richt – 100 wins is a great accomplishment. With that out of the way, the bottom line with this win is that, it is just that – a win. This team did some good things at times before the demons of not being able to finish off a team reared their ugly heads – again. You can get away with that against the Tennessee and Ole Misses of the world – but not so against Auburn, Florida or Tech. It seemed as if the team hit a switch and decided to see how knuckle-headed it could be – third and 57, I’m looking at you.

In the end, the third quarter turned things. It went from a UT score to Georgia driving it and getting a score – that seemed to demoralize Tennessee physically and mentally. If Georgia can run it like that consistently, it could bode well.

Oh, and how’s the whole Tennessee thing shaking out for Da’Rick Rogers?

After the South Carolina game, the thought crossed my mind that if Georgia could simply take care of business, it could roll into Jacksonville with a full head of steam. Get a win next week at Vandy, and you can, with a little help, lock up the East at the WLOCP.

Erk Russell said it best – “There ain’t nothing like being a Bulldog on a Saturday night after beating Tennessee!!”

Lugnut Dawg


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