First half observations

A big missed opportunity for Georgia near the end of the half. Instead of up 10-3, a squandered red zone scoring chance plus a defensive lapse have us in a 6-6 tie going into halftime.

It’s another typical Murray of 2011 game so far – some good and bad. He’s misfired on a few deep balls, but did connect with Mitchell for the long pass to set up the second field goal.

So far, Tennessee is moving the ball up and down the field, albeit on small chunks of yardage. The defense has dominated the past two games, but isn’t quite the shut it down unit now that its facing a better offense. By the end of the night, we’ll see if the competition the past few games is that bad or the defense is really improved or not.

After the South Carolina game, one thing I couldn’t help but dwell on was the lack of Orson Charles in the offensive gameplan. It’s puzzling how, when you have a player of his talents, you don’t utilize him in a game like this, especially in the red zone.

We may be seeing the dangers of putting all of our eggs in the Isiah Crowell basket. With him banged up, look for more Carlton Thomas and Aaron Murray QB keepers. If that’s the case, it may be up to Georgia’s receivers to win this game.

Lugnut Dawg


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