Keep It Simple Stupid

This is not an indpeth preview, becuase from where I sit, I think the Georgia-Tennessee game is an easy one to predict.  NOTE:  I got more indpeth than intended.  If you want the KISS version, skip to the last paragraph.

It will be Georgia’s 2nd best passing defense (151 ypg)  vs. Tennessee’s 2nd best passing offense (336 ypg).  (SEC

I don’t think Tennessee is firing on all cylinders.  They are still a year or two away from being competitive in the SEC picture. 

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, Georgia’s defense has only been accountable for 12.4 ppg this season.  Georgia’s defense has the best secondary it has since 2005.  Brandon Boykin, Branden Smith, Sanders Comming and Bacarri Rambo are all playing very well this season.  In the lone game that the Dawgs D played poorly; Boise State, the offense did them no favors.  And Tennessee and Tyler Bray are no Boise State and Kellen Moore.

Further, UGA has played a much more difficult schedule than Tennessee thus far.  Yes, the Vols played the Gators, but Georgia has played Boise State, South Carolina and Mississippi State (who is much better than their record shows).  Tennessee would be no better than Georiga’s 3-2 mark with UGA’s schedule, and perhaps would be 2-3.  Georgia would be at worse 4-1 playing UT’s schedule.   Tennessee or Bray have not faced a defense as good as UGA’s and in his young career, Bray has not faced a secondary as good as UGA’s.

Tyler Bray is having an outstanding season, no doubt.  But he is all Tennessee has.  Tennessee ranks DEAD LAST in the SEC in rushing ypg with only 111.  UGA is the middle of the pack with 176.  And while Murray has taken a step back it seems this season, as far as statistics go, he is still the 3rd best QB in the SEC behind Bray and Tyler Wilson, both of whom are in offenses that are predicated on both having 34 attempts per game to Aaron Murray’s 27.  Yes, Bray is good.  But we have just seen Murray have his worst game at UGA and the Bulldogs still won.  Bray is good, but Murray ain’t chopped liver.

If Aaron Murray has a good, complete game and plays like the preseason 1st team All-SEC QB he can be, then the Dawgs will win and will win big.  If Murray decides to throw a couple of picks, or we have some costly turnovers, it will be a close game.  The Bulldogs can’t afford to lose the turnover battle on the road in Knoxville.  And I have to trust Murray here.  Anyone who think Hutson Mason should get some PT is  damn idiot.  Murray is one of the best QBs in the SEC-if not the country-and while having a few bad games, has had more good than bad.  I think the odds are good that Murray won’t screw the pooch Saturday night.

Well, I rambled a little longer than I had inteded…that happens.  If Murray doesn’t screw up, Dawgs win easy.  If he does, it will be close becuase our defense is good enough to keep it close.  But this team has not had a lot of success in two years in close games, and if it gets close, I don’t know if the Dawgs have the confidence to get it done on the road in a hostile environmnet.


NOTE:  I will be out of pocket from Saturday-Saturday.  Posting on here will be light unless someone else steps up.  God forbid if we lose, I won’t be here to cheer you up…


3 Responses to “Keep It Simple Stupid”

  1. 1 Scott October 7, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    I’ll even keep it more simple than that…Vols can’t stop the run, and they can’t run the ball. Recipe for disaster.

    Dawgs 28, Hillbillies 13.

  2. 2 dawgfan17 October 7, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    UT has only one interception on the year against, against Montana. I wouldn’t expect them to get more than one this week and hopefully none.

  3. 3 dawgfan17 October 7, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Wow against, against. Stupid typing while pretending to be working.

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