Call For BBQ Reviews

When we started the Grit Tree, our original goal was to provide UGA Football commentary, but also present a different take on things throughout the year.  We can only talk about basketball and recruiting so much.  So we decided to have some BBQ Reviews of different joints across the state.  Well, that has kinda of slacked off recently.

So in an order to help bolster our content AND make things more user friendly, we are having an open call to BBQ Reviews.  If there is your favorite BBQ joint and you want the world to know about it, go there, order a plate, take a few pictures with that smart phone, write a review, and email us the review.  In the review, include the resturant’s address and website.  Email us at thegrittree (@) gmail (.) com.  If you travel around the state, and want to send multiple reviews, that is fine.  Don’t feel like there is a limit to the participation!  Also include your name or screen name.  We’ll post these as we get them on Thursdays each week.  And if the place you go to is bad, it is ok to write a negative review.  Don’t be afraid to speak the truth.

Bon Appetit!

The Grit Tree

4 Responses to “Call For BBQ Reviews”

  1. 1 Tim (Watkinsville) October 24, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Well damn. I was all poised to do a review of Jot ‘Em Down bbq here in Athens and they closed the business last week. Their bbq was pretty good but their stew was the best around this area. I mean, really really good stew. They shall be missed.

    And a question, can I review my own pulled pork?

    • 2 Granite October 24, 2011 at 3:39 pm

      Of course as long as you give us some good details like what kind of grill or smoker you used and what type of rub or sauce. I don’t want you to give up the recipe but give me some good motivation on what to cook next at my house. And pictures. We need BBQ Porn.

  2. 3 Tim (Watkinsville) October 25, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    I have lots of pictures of stuff I cook. I am not sure how to post those in this web environment.

    My pulled pork is done using two or three 8 to 10 pound butts. I slather those in mustard then coat heavily with Hometown Butt Rub, available from Hometown barbecue in Lawrenceville Ga. I also occasionally make my own butt rub using one of several recipes. So the butts spend the night in the refrigerator, this helps set the rub and makes for a nice bark.

    I cook the butts indirect (plate setter) on my XL Big Green Egg. For low and slow cooks like this I use Wicked Good Weekend Warrior lump and add hickory chunks to that for the required smoke layer.
    I cook the butts at 240 dome temperature and use an electronic meat probe to keep up with whats going on with the cook. When the butts reach 185 internal, they come off the egg and get wrapped in heavy duty foil. They spend the next 1-3 hours in a cooler, resting and continuing the cooking process. After that, I pull the pork using two large forks to pull the pork, paying close attention to keep fat and gristle out of the final product. The whole cooking process on the egg can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours. Some butts cook faster, some slower, the key is to cook to temperature and not time. Its really interesting to watch the butts temperature climb steadily, then plateau. They’ll sit there for an hour or more without any temperature increase. This is the point that the collagen and fat is breaking down. Once the butts clear the plateau stage, the temperature starts a steady climb again.
    What doesn’t get eaten gets put into vacuum sealer bags and put into the freezer for more barbecue dinners.
    I like having a side of stew that I buy from a fellow up north of Jefferson named Curly, he makes the best stew in this area in my opinion. I have pictures of his set up as well.

    So, do I have to get a photobucket account in order to post pictures here?

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