Blow another lid off

Prior to Georgia’s 2001 win in Knoxville, Neyland Stadium seemed to stand for a limitation, a place Georgia would never rise to. But with the execution of P-44 Haynes, it send a strong message, that Georgia football was a factor to be dealt with. In the process, the win kicked out some demons of ‘you can’t come in a place like this and win.’

Now, as we prep for another trip into the heart of the land of obscene orange and few teeth, it’s time for another bunch of demons to be kicked out.

Following 2001, Richt led Georgia to two dominating wins in Knoxville – it seemed as if a win at UT was a birthright to Georgia fans. But oh how things have changed. Georgia’s past two Knoxville trips have been anything but pleasant. Both times, Georgia has either had the better team or one capable to having a shot to win – both times, Tennessee came away with unexplicable lopsided wins.

The quality of the Vols may not be what it was in 2001 – but the need for a win is as big, if not bigger.

To stay in the hunt for a now wide-open SEC East, a loss this weekend is unacceptable. Win, and you’re in the driver’s seat and it’s easier to go to Jacksonville and try to get a win. Lose – and morale is all shot up on multiple levels.

Go Dawgs

Lugnut Dawg


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