MSU Halftime Thoughts

There is a segment of Georgia’s fan base which has it in its head that a fix to all problems would be to fire Mark Richt and bring in Dan Mullen. Well, after what we’ve seen in the first half….let’s just say that doesn’t look too appetizing.

Georgia could have easily folded late in the first half. After Aaron Murray’s interception, State was set up nicely to get back in it, but Georgia got right back up, with Sanders Commings getting his interception and then a hit ’em in the face downfield drive.

Overall, Murray is solid – but he’s still making some nagging mistakes. At some point, you wonder which Aaron Murray will show up.

Isn’t it nice to see special teams play not be a liability? Boykin’s return set up the first score, and we’ve seen no debacle’s to this point on punt returns.

You know those concerns about a lack of sacks by the defense? Throw that out the window today. It’s not so much all-out blitzing, but it’s more penetration by the front seven that’s breaking down the offensive protection and collapsing the backfield. That is how you beat an option – closing in the backfield and taking away room to execute pitch plays.

Speaking of offensive protection – the offensive line needs to step up. As Richt alluded to – Murray is getting slung around too much.

All told, Georgia has controlled the half for the most part. The key now is the keep the foot on the gas and not let State get back in it in the second half.

Lugnut Dawg


1 Response to “MSU Halftime Thoughts”

  1. 1 dawgfan17 October 2, 2011 at 5:33 am

    Dead on about Murray. On one hand is is on pace for 36 touchdowns this regular season (would be Georgia record by 8). On the other he is turning the ball over way more than last season and helping the other team put up points. If he can keep up the first part of that while cutting down on the second part then look out.

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