How College Football is Like a Martin Scorsese Movie

Multiple Teams in the BCS Since 2001  
Teams Playing For BCS Titles  

(total number of BCS Games in parenthesis)

Other Teams Playing In Multiple BCS games
Miami (3) Virginia Tech (3)
Ohio State (8) Florida State (3)
LSU (4) UGA (3)
Oklahoma (7) West Virginia
Texas (3) Illinois
USC (7) Notre Dame
Florida (4) Boise State
Auburn (2) TCU
Oregon (2) Iowa
Alabama (2) Michigan (3)
Nebraska (1) Penn State

I was watching the Oklahoma-Florida State game a couple of weeks ago, and I was thinking, “Man, Oklahoma is good just about every single year.”  There are teams in College Football that are just good year in and year out.  Truly, there are just a handful of teams at the beginning of the season that have a realistic shot of playing for a national title.  I went through and picked out every team this decade that has played for a BCS National Championship.  Teams in Bold have played for the National Champoinship twice.   Teams in italics have won the BCS National Championship this decade, and teams that are underlined have won it multiple times.

It is like a Judd Apatow, Martin Scorsese, or Cohen Brothers movie.  The plot or story may be different each time, but the same people show up just about everytime. 

The trick to winning a National Chamionship in college football?  Well, for one, you need luck and for the chips to fall.  LSU in 2003 and Georgia in 2002 are no differnet, except what other teams around them did. 

But an elite team has to have a winning pedigree.  You have to make it to multiple BCS games.  Make a BCS game and stay there.  A team that plays for it all just doesn’t show up one season out of nowhere.  Of course, on the list you’ll notice teams like Illinois who played in the 2002 Sugar Bowl and the 2008 Rose Bowl.  I would hardly call Illinois an elite team..things just got right for them a couple of times.  Same with Notre Dame.   Teams like Penn State, Florida State and Georgia were regulars in BCS games at one point but have fallen off now. 

I also thought it was interesting that Virginia Tech, Georgia, Michigan and Florida State have played in 3 BCS game )or about a 1/3 of the decade), and in some cases as many times or more than other teams in the left hand column, but have not played for the whole shebang. 

Just thought this was interesting list. I literally did this in 5 minutes, so if I omitted a team, please forgive me.  A complete list of BCS games can be found here.


NOTE:  Apparently, WordPress doesn’t let you cut and paste charts from Word very well…I do know how to use MS Word pretty well, and it looked better in my original document.


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