A Closer Look At The UGA Defense

UGA’s scoring defense is 23.3 ppg.  Not that great.

But let’s take a closer look:  Boise State scored 35 points; all on the defense (although the offense didn’t help them out any field postion wise).   Against South Carolina, the defense wasn’t even on the field when South Carolina scored 21 points, yet got charged with it.  And South Carolina got the ball at the UGA 5 following a Crowell fumble; I don’t even think LSU could stop Lattimore from finding the endzone 5 yards out.  So really, 28 points that South Carolina scored can’t be held on the defense.

We shut down Coastal Carolina, but everyone plays a cupcake to pad the stats.  Against Ole Miss, the UGA defense was only one the field for 7 of the 13 points scored.  So instead of calculating UGA’s scoring defense like this:


It should really be calculated like this:

(35+17+0+7)/4, which would equal 14.75.  That is Brain Van Gorder, 2002-2004 levels.

If you want to take out the powder puff Coastal Carolina, the defense has been responsible for 19.67 ppg.  Not too shabby.

Considering that is without Alec Ogletree, I think it is safe to say that the UGA defense has been playing VERY well and if I were Dan Mullen, I would be nervous about finding a way to move the ball on Saturday.



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