From The Mancave: Thoughts On the Weekend That Was and Early Thoughts On Ole Miss Game

Wow!  What a weekend for College Football.  I won’t be around much the next few days.  I am taking off of work today and am playing in a Golf tournament in Athens at the Georgia Club.  Never been there before, so I am looking forward to a beautiful afternoon in Athens playing on a nice course.  Tuesday and Wednesday work will take me to East Georgia’s gem Statesboro, and I am sure that will be a barrel of monkeys…

So I am going to make a whole lot of comments about the weekend that was here.  Going to the first two games, I have not had a chance to sit in my recliner and watch football all day.  We’ve been in our house for two years, and there were some hideous colors on the wall, but one room that was ok was a small room off to the side of the living room that was dark red.  It has been mostly empty the last two years, but the thought was always to make it a UGA room/man cave.  For some silly reason, my wife thought it would be best to furnish the rest of our house BEFORE fooling with the man room.  Women.  A friend had a recliner they didn’t want to take with them on the move.  Throw in a love seat from my inlaws, some lamps and bada bing bada boom, we were in business.  I was excited about spending my first college football day in my new man room.  My wife made some pizza dip, I got a 6 pack of Yuengling, some Hot and Spicy Cheez-Its, and here are some thoughts on what I noticed:

  • Auburn’s defense is TERRIBLE.  And their offense is very predictable.  Put someone in motion, hand it off and they get on the outside, or run up the middle.  In 2009, it seemed that Auburn would come out run their scripted plays, then as the game wears on, their offense would slow down.  You saw that in the Georgia and Alabama games.  And their defense was bad, leading to an 8-5 record, but Auburn only went 3-5 in the SEC after starting out 5-0 beating up on inferior competition.  I wonder if Auburn disguised some of that with Cam Newton.  Saturday versus Clemson it seemed ripped from the 2009 pages-Auburn gets out to an early lead, then its offense stalls as the game progresses and their defense is gashed.  If the Mississippi State game might have made us forget, Auburn is going to be in for a rough season.


  •  As unimpressed I was with Auburn, I was equally impressed with Clemson.  The game this weekend versus Florida State is going to be better than I thought before the season started.  When a team like Florida State has a big emotional game, there is usually a hangover.  I like Clemson +3 in Death Valley Saturday afternoon.


  • Speaking of Florida State, that was some game versus Oklahoma.  It was like watching a Bowl game.  Oklahoma is really good, and if they can get past Texas A&M and Oklahoma State, Oklahoma vs. the winner of the LSU/Alabama game is going to be a great game.


  • I said on the blog that I thought Tennessee could upset Florida and Tyler Bray would give Florida’s secondary some trouble.  I was right and wrong.  Florida’s secondary was susceptible to Tyler Bray’s passing attack; Bray did pass for 288 yards and 3 TDs, and it seemed like every other pass a Florida defender was getting flagged for pass Interference.  Tyler Bray did well…when he wasn’t getting knocked down.  And Tennessee had -9 rushing yards.  Chew on how bad that is for a second.  That is a stout defense, and the secondary will get better.  With Charlie Weiss using the speed of Rainey and Demps-that is a scary team.  Their schedule is nasty, and the Gators won’t have a good record this year.  But they will be better than their record indicates…and may surprise LSU or Alabama, and should hang 50 on that pitiful Auburn defense.
  • I also said that Tyler Bray will have more passing yards than Aaron Murray because of Tennessee having to throw it a lot due to them being behind.  Well, with that terrible running game, and the fact Tennessee appears it is going to coming from behind a lot, that prediction might be spot on.


  • Mike Bobo-do you want to know how to use Carlton Thomas, Branden Smith and Brandon Boykin-see how Charlie Weiss used Rainey.  Gary Danielson made it a point to mention that Brantley would throw a 3 yard pass and then let Rainey’s speed do the rest.  Instead of trying to do something funky to utilize the team speed like end arounds, reverses, and wildcats, just throw a short pass to them and let their speed do the rest.  KISS.


  • I know some folks might want Coach Richt to show more emotion.  I don’t mind it.  He looked like a gargoyle when we were winning, so I wouldn’t expect him to change, and further, any change in his personality would be disingenuous.   But if Greg McGarity is forced to make a change in December, I hope we don’t get someone  with a sideline demeanor like Will Muschamp.  Yes, fire is nice.  Telling someone they are going to F’n choke is fire.  But that Muschamp guy is going to have an aneurism and he bitches and moans about everything.  Come on, man.  It is one thing to have fire and be excited.  It is another thing to throw a temper tantrums.


  • Utah did me a major solid by beating BYU.


And now, an early thought on the UGA/Ole Miss game:


  • Ole Miss is bad.  Now, normally I would be worried about the upcoming game versus Ole Miss.  Houston Nutt seems to rally his men after they lose some they shouldn’t lose, and then win a game they shouldn’t win.  The problem was, that was when he had good teams and lost to someone they are clearly better than.  Well, Ole Miss is not good at all.  If there is one thing that Georgia does and does well, it is lose to good teams and beat crappy teams handedly (except Colorado).  Look at last season-UGA lost to good teams or teams about their equal (South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Florida, Auburn, UCF).  UGA beat crappy teams and beat them very easily (Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, the two cupcakes).   Ole Miss falls into that “crappy team” category, so I would bet Granite’s quarry on the Dawgs covering the early 6.5 line.


Ok, that is enough for one post.    Go Dawgs!



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