Friday Locks

Granite (6-0)

For the Locks, give me Michigan-29.5, Northwestern -6, and BostonCollege-7.

 Just for the hell of it, also look at : Bama -46,Hawaii-18,Minnesota+4.5,

Corbindawg (5-1)

I locked in LSU -3.5 last night.  #winning

West Virginia (-1.5) at Maryland–  Don’t worry about a look ahead for the Mountaineers for the upcoming LSU game.  The Mountaineers will roll Maryland in anticipation for hosting the Bayou Bengals.   In what is basically a pick em, I like West Virginia to win.

Central Florida (-6) at Florida International-You have to stick to your bread and butter.  When I was driving the Bus, I got my football knowledge from listening to 960 the Ref and Chris Brame and Dave Johnston.  Uchee and Granite have told me on numerous occasions that since I am no longer listening to the Ref for 8 hours a day, I am not as good as I  used to be.  Dave likes UCF-they have held 4 straight opponents going back to last season (including UGA) to under 10 points and Florida International is coming off a big win against Louisville.  Take UCF. 

Kensingtondawg (3-2-1)

Clemson -3.5

Notre Dame -3.5

Florida -9.5

Ucheedawg (3-3)

Auburn @ Clemson (-3.5) Clemson is going to throw Howard’s Rock at the Awwburn Plainstigersmen this weekend and it ain’t gonna be close. Give ‘em the points, I don’t care. Clemson Rolls!!!

Texas @ UCLA (+3.5) The only thing UCLA has going for them is Coach’s pretty blue eyes. That won’t work this weekend. Texas is a mess, but they’ll figure it out this weekend in southern Cali. Give ‘em the points one more time, hook ‘em Horns!

Utah @ BYU (-4) What’s more important than the Holy War in Utah? Well, probably a lot of things. But this Saturday, nothing is more important than the Holy War. The safest bet of the day is that the Mormon’s win. But which ones? In the bet of the week, give the Utes the points, they’re gonna need ‘em as BYU runs up and down the field this Saturday. Cougars roll!


2 Responses to “Friday Locks”

  1. 1 marbleisbetter September 16, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Granite seems to be getting a little cocky with your little Friday lock deal. Needs to be knocked back a couple of dead presidents and come off his high horse before Vegas takes his mines.

  2. 2 Bandwagon Bureau September 17, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    well going 0-3 seems to do that

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