What Were They Thinking?

If things still are this way from when I was an undergrad, the Fraternities have the sections in the 300 level above the normal student section blocked off.  That is the “Fraternity” section.  I was not in a fraternity, but my roommate was, and would always site up there.

During halftime, the UGA and South Carolina bands came together and played  a medley of songs in honor of 9/11. 

Though it was not very audible in this video, from my seat in Section 116, I could hear whoever it was in the 300 section-and I will assume it was the folks in the Fraternity Section-sing “I am Proud to Be An American”.  Now, Lee Greenwood’s only famous song was appropriate during that day, but when the bands are playing “Amazing Grace” and other beautiful songs, I wish the Frat Boys would have been a little more respectful of the moment and not taken matters into their own hands. 



1 Response to “What Were They Thinking?”

  1. 1 cautiouslyoptimisticinGA September 12, 2011 at 11:16 am

    There is never a bad time to sing Lee Greenwood songs.

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