Coaching: Two Good Things and One Bad From Saturday

I agree with my counterpart Lugnut that moral victories are no good, but I also must say I strangely feel better about the team after 0-2 than I did 0-1.  The team showed improvement from Week 1 to Week 2, and if that trend continues, then in just a few weeks this team is going to be good.   Ole Miss is no good and Mississippi State seems like they were a bit overrated.  On the other hand, and I am not a Mike Bobo homer but don’t think he is the root of all evil, if Mike Bobo’s offense can do what it did to the South Carolina defense, imagine what Bobby Petrino, Guz Mahlzahn and even Charlie Weis are going to do.  If I am a South Carolina fan, I am not feeling all that great long term after Saturday’s game. 

I have read the reviews and recaps else where, and I know you have too.  I laid the Boise State game on the feet of the coaching staff.  I lay the South Carolina game at the feet of Aaron Murray.  He’s proven that overall, costly turnovers are not his  MO.  That might change, but the limited sample size for Murray leads me to believe that fumbling once, being responsible for another fumble and throwing  a pick 6 are the exception to the rule, not the norm.

I don’t think Bobo or Richt told Murray, “Son, I want you you to throw behind Orson Charles, and when you are about to get sacked, I want you to not secure the ball.  Can you do that?”  I don’t think we’ll see similar problems from Murray in the future.  From what I have seen out of Aaron Murray in his 15 games as a Bulldog, those mistakes are not the norm, a la Joe Cox.

Now, onto the original point.  I saw two things from the coaches that I liked and one thing I didn’t:

-After Murray threw that pick six, Bobo put the ball back in his hand.  Backed up inside the UGA 20, UGA threw it (and completed) on 7 consecutive passes.  For the drive, Murray went 8/8 for 85 yards and a TD.  And the completed 2 pt conversion.  Talk about putting the ball in your team leader’s hand and letting him make plays and get his confidence back after a disasterous play.   UGA was going to need a confident Aaron Murray to win that game, and Bobo showed him and the rest of the team that he still had confidence in them to make plays.  Good call.

-Thanks to buypropertyucheedawg for pointing this out:  in a departure from a year ago, when UGA got the ball back before Murray’s fumble, with 3:28 left on the clock, UGA had all 3 of its timeouts left.  With 3 timeouts and plenty of time on the clock, the playbook was wide open.  If it was last year, we’d have had to blow one at some point in 3rd Quarter for not having the right personnel on the field.  Even after the fumble, UGA still had a chance after a quick TD score and all 3 of its timeouts. Last year, we would have not had any timeouts to try and stop the clock late or mount a drive.


-After we scored a TD with all of our timeouts in tact, we attempt an onside kick.  I ask this:  why not do what you’ve done all game, kick the hell out of it through the back of the endzone and try and pin South Carolina deep.  If they get a first down, which they did, the game was over anyway.  What does it matter where at on the field?  I would rather have them on their 20 punting to us, than on our40 punting to us.  Lattimore did his thing, so it is a moot point.  But I would have liked to seen a deep kick, instead of the risky onside kick.

Last week, I was on the ledge.  Now, I am still on the roof, but I have backed away from the ledge and  if things keep on looking they way they did this past Saturday, I might take the elevator down a few floors.



7 Responses to “Coaching: Two Good Things and One Bad From Saturday”

  1. 1 Kevin September 12, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I watched the “Richt Show” and on the onside kick he said him and Grantham found out that Robinson was out with the foot and they agreed that they should take the risk of getting the onside kick first because they didn’t have Robinson anymore. That is what he said was their reasoning for going after the onside kick instead of automatically giving SC the ball with a long kickoff.

  2. 3 1992 Dawg September 12, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Agree with a lot of your statements and observations, however i keep coming back to the basics. We have been playing extremely undisciplined football since 2008. You can say the fumble, wasn’t Richt’s fault and i’m with you on that line of thinking but….. if our guys were coached and taught the way they should be we would be looking for a fake punt, wouldn’t force a throw over the middle deep in our on territory to a guy who was wearing a Gamecock defender like a suit on his back, or refuse to take a sack and tuck the ball away and live to fight another play. Among others, failure to wrap up on defense and doing the “shoulder bump” to attempt a tackle (which has been going on for years) also falls into this category of undisciplined football. That comes from the top down, and until those issues are corrected, we will continue to self destruct when faced with a talented team. We have to play smart football, and i’m not sure that we have the staff to implement that policy.

  3. 4 Corbindawg September 12, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Undisciplined football in 2008 was a bunch of penalties and special team errors. The undisciplined football on Saturday was Murray fumbling. Yes, it all falls under the same umbrella, but if you look at the situations indvidually it is different.

    Last year, we had the 2nd best turnover margin in the SEC and had a great turn around, and it didn’t matter.

  4. 5 ericdawg September 12, 2011 at 10:32 am

    I am still looking for a coming out game for Murray against a good team. Hopefully against Tenn or UF this season. He seem to have a streak of touchdowns and suddenly interceptions in a single game.

    • 6 Corbindawg September 12, 2011 at 10:40 am

      I agree. He had a career high with 4 TDs versus South Carolina. Unfortunately, when I think of his performance, i don’t think about that. His mistakes overshadowed his otherwise good game.

  5. 7 Spence September 12, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    My biggest issue with Bobo was in the first quarter, when the I was letting us drive down the field at will. On 3 3rd and longs, we goes to the shotgun for no reason, and we stall out. It’s inexplcable and we should have been up 21-0 right off the bat. He may have called a good game after that, but I cannot forgive him that sin.

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