Is it even ok to be disgruntled?

As I walked out of Sanford Stadium Saturday, with the losing feeling that has become the norm thick in the air, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by Georgia fans not booing the team off the field, no screams (at least from where I was) for Mark Richt to be replaced by Tuesday.

And then there was the video of the fan holding the poster shown on ESPN which I was upon riding home – “UGA Alumni Support Richt’s Work.”

So let me get this straight – there are alumni which support a team that has gone from a top five program to one which has won 14 of its past 28 games. That’s a .500 winning percentage for you non-math majors like myself.

As Georgia fans, we love to ridicule programs like Georgia Tech for its lack of high success, but that is exactly where this program is – an average program which makes excuses when it fails to win a big game.

Look, I’m as proud as anyone of the team’s effort against USC. But to quote a line from “We Are Marshall,” – A Great Effort is not enough.

Moral victories were something which seemed to be the norm under Ray Goff, I’m not sure we need to go into more detail than that.

I love the Bulldogs and I love the University of Georgia.

If you have a UGA diploma on your wall or if you claim UGA as your team, it is fully expected and should be encouraged to want this program to be more than average.

Georgia’s fans deserve better than average, and moral victories won’t accomplish a goal of restoring its program to where it should be.

Lugnut Dawg


3 Responses to “Is it even ok to be disgruntled?”

  1. 1 Jay Sultan September 13, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    Dear Grit Tree:

    I am the alumnus that was holding up that sign.

    I disagree with your opinion. You seem to think that firing Richt will put us back right back to 10 win seasons.

    The job of a head coach is to do two things: recruiting and hiring and managing the assistant coaches. Richt has consistently brought in top 10 recruiting classes. No complaint there. And we may disagree with sustaining Bobo and moving to the 3-4 (I am fine with these choices myself), I cannot say that he has made terrible decision on his assistants.

    At some point, all the coach can do is prepare the player – it is up to the player to execute. We want to blame the play call, the conditioning regimen, or something, anything, other than the player who does not execute. I miss Green and Pollack and the kind of student leadership we had on the teams that were more competitive.

    But let’s say I am wrong. Let’s say you do fire him. Where would you find someone better? This is not Texas or LSU; we would either get someone who is untested or someone that has been a head coach and failed most likely. We would lose a bunch of recruits we would otherwise get. There would be a shakeup of assistants and new schemes and we would lose 2-3 years to rebuilding, at a minimum. Think about the coaches we had after Dooley – we would be in for more of that, with renewed cries every 2-3 years (just as the new coach is getting his system in place with his players selected for his system) to fire the coach again.

    There is one more point. My sign read “Alumni Support Richt’s Work.” I said it that way because Richt has a vital off-field job, that of transitioning boys into men, many of whom will not play in the NFL. His Christian values and demonstrated faith, his desire to run a clean program, and the way that he leaves the young men far better equipped for life, are all things I greatly admire about him. Do we want a Layne Kiffin? Do we want a Jim Tressel?

    I do support Richt. Because of the off-the-field things he does. But also because sustaining him and supporting him (instead of fueling the media speculation) is the more certain path to get us back to 10 win seasons.

  2. 2 Eric Jones September 17, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have analyzed the play calling and realize when I second guessed the decision that we made the play the defense was set up to surrender. Unfortunately we have failed to execute at times – Particularly againest Boise.

    We need to take a wait and see approach to this season. Today’s victory looked really good. But only time will tell.

    What I can say for sure is that coach Richt will do what is right at the end of the season, if it doesn’t go as planned. So for all those booing them at the half in the GA Dome – turn in your fan card and find another team. You are only a fair weather fan and not a committed fan. A fan blows a breeze of support and not a storm of dissent.

    Go DAWGS!!!!!

    Eric Jones

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