Where is Tonya Harding When You Need Her?

I am usually Mr. Optimist.  But I can’t think of ONE reason UGA wins tomorrow.  I can’t even make something up and believe it. 

I just hope it is respectable.  I hope when we end up losing, we lose with dignity.  I saw nothing from our performance this past Saturday that makes me think we belong on the same field versus South Carolina.  If you stop Lattimore, Alshon Jeffrey and Garcia will tear us up.  I don’t feel good.

The ONLY chance I think the Dawgs have is if South Carolina beats themselves.  If Latttimore gets banged up and has to come out, or if Garcia or Shaw implode, then I think we stand a chance.  But to rely on someone elses’ mistakes is not a very reassuring situation to be in.

The only other option is for Tonya Harding to do her thing to Lattimore, but I am not advocating that.  Plus, I like watching good running backs work, and I would hate to be deprived of seeing a good tailback play on Saturday.  I’d like to see one good tailback tomorrow, and a healthy Lattimore is the only chance I’ll have.  I am not high on the Dawgs Saturday, and I hope I am wrong.  I usually am.

I usually think Georgia is going to win, and as we have seen, that hasn’t worked out well recently.

I thought we’d get our teeth kicked down our throats in 2007 versus Florida.  We dominated. 

I thought we’d get our throats stepped on versus LSU in 2009.  We kept it close and it was hard fought, competitive game.

I thought we’d get blown off the field versus Florida in 2009.  Well, even a broke clock is right twice in a day.

I thought we’d lose to Tech in 2009.

I thought the Dawgs would get destroyed by Auburn last year.  Again, it was close, hard fought game.  Other than the outcome, can’t be disappointed in losing to the #1 ranked team and not being able to do what no one else could do, and that was stop Cam Newton. 

I think UGA will get run off the field against Carolina.  I think it will be a slow, methodical destruction.  I think Spurrier is going to take his time and enjoy it.  I am having visions of last year’s game-except worse.  It will be closer than what it should be, but towards the end South Carolina is going to put their foot on the gas, accelerate, and not stop until they drive us into a brick wall.

I hope I am wrong-again. 

But there is one thing I will not do:  I will  not be a jackass and boo. If we are getting pummled, I will leave early.  It is not because I am running out on the team, but I don’t want to hear all the assholes boo and be obnoxious.  Look, Mark Richt deserves a lot of blame. If things don’t get turned around this season, he deserves to get fired.  But he also deserves respect.  This is not Jim Donnan or Ray Goff.  He has built this program up to where expectations are realisticly high every single year.  He does not deserve to have personal attacks levied against him, to have fans boos or chant  “Kirby Smart” or “Dan Mullen” being brought out onto him by the student section (students who were in middle school during the Pollack and Greene years) or by the old, redneck woman who sits behind me who thinks she knows more than anyone else, or curses out Bobo every time a running play doesn’t get at least 3 yards.  If  Georgia loses and can’t  get it turned around, Greg McGarity will take care of business.  Don’t boo, and don’t start up disrespectful chants.   A messy divorce will only set this program back even further.

I hope I am wrong.  I hope every single person I have talked to is wrong.  I hope we win.



2 Responses to “Where is Tonya Harding When You Need Her?”

  1. 1 Scott September 9, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    I’m with you Mt. Opt. Georgia is my Team. Coach Richt is our coach and I will cheer for the team and the man that got us here. My family has moved out of the Athens area now, the Fort Worth. I am not so lucky to be able to enjoy the Georgia tailgailgating on the Fall Saturday afternoons down on East campus where all my old buddies are. So for all you so called fans that are thinking about booing come the 4th quarter on Saturday just remember the effort that those kids are putting in everyday for the Dawg nation. Try to stop and appreciate the experience of the moment because before you know it you could end up out in Big 12 (10,8,6) land like me only getting to watch a few Dawg games a year on TV. Appreciate what you have and enjoy the experience.

    Go Dawgs !

  2. 2 Wagging the Dog September 10, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Phil Steele, 86% right in 1st week, is picking UGA THIS WEEK.


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