From the Penthouse to the Outhouse

After waiting around, I finally booked a hotel room back in July for the opening weekend.  My wife and another couple got a room at the Georgian Terrace, right across from the Fox Theatre.  The Georgian Terrace is a very nice place, but we figured that since we were splitting it down the middle, the extra cost for the close proximity was worth it.  Best of all-No MARTA!

We made the reservation through a third party and indicated that we wanted two beds and that 4 guests would be staying.  I had an email confirmation.  Easy.  Well, once we checked in on Saturday morning, we found out there was a problem.  The standard room we reserved was actually a one bed room, and a full bed at that.  Not only did this room only have one bed, it was incredibly tiny.  My dorm in Creswell was bigger.  So there was no way that 4 people could stay in that room. 

The Hotel Manager was very accommodating.    She felt bad that there was an error, and felt bad that the third party messed us up.  An upgrade there was all booked up.  She said to have a seat and she’d call around to other hotels to see if she could get us in for a comparable rate.  Well, between the game, the Braves games, Dragon Con, and Black Gay Pride, we began brainstorming for other options.  After 45 minutes and a couple of drinks from the bar later, she came back and said that she couldn’t find anything…BUT she did have a room at the Georgian Terrace she’d let us have. 


No, literally. A Suite.  We take the elevator to the 17th floor and open the door.  It is a good sign you open a door to your room and it goes to a hallway.   It was a dadgum sweet.  It had two bedrooms with king beds and a sweet view of North Downtown Atlanta.  No additional charge.




 We seriously had thought about ditching our original tailgate plans and just stay in the room all day. But we decided to load up the car and head over towards the Dome.  We had been talking for months about lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill, and that is where our next stop was.   This day was looking up.  It was an omen, a sign of the good things to come.  Or so we thought.

 I just wanted to use this space to give a nice shout out to the fine folks at the Georgian Terrace on Peachtree Street.  Thanks a lot!


6 Responses to “From the Penthouse to the Outhouse”

  1. 1 The Georgian Terrace (@GeorgianTerrace) September 7, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    We are SO THRILLED that it worked out the way it did – thank you for being so understanding. We truly appreciate it. Working with 3rd parties can be tough, especially on ridiculously busy weekends! But we do love our city for just that reason. We hope you’ll be back again to visit soon!
    If you ever do reviews onTrip Advisor, we’d be more than happy to hear from you!
    Have a great week!

  2. 2 Spence September 8, 2011 at 11:54 am

    Next time you come to Atlanta, please God don’t eat at Ted’s. I’ll recommend some places that’ll make you never want to step foot in there again if you don’t have to.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in ATL (other than the play, Ms. Lincoln).

    • 3 Corbindawg September 8, 2011 at 1:52 pm

      You don’t like Ted’s? I think it’s pretty good? Where else would you recommend?

      I like Manuel’s Tavern on Highland and North. For pizza I like Everybody’s and Felini’s.

      • 4 Spence September 8, 2011 at 2:01 pm

        Guess it depends on what you’re going to Ted’s for. If burgers, go to Farm Burger (decatur) or Flip Burger (Howell Mill). If for steaks, I’d even argue Outback or Longhorn is better, but if you really want to enjoy good food, go to Rathburns. I’ll give Teds credit on the Bison, but you can do better.

        I love Manuel’s Tavern (been going there all my life) and they serve a good burger, wings, and other bar food.

        For Pizza, if you’re just coming into town you need to try Antico. It’s near Georgia Tech, which is a downer, but it is hands down the best Pizza I’ve had in the South, you bring your own booze, and have never heard anyone say anything bad about it. I also think Savage Pizza is really really good. Like Felini’s, but you can do better, IMO.

      • 5 Corbindawg September 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm

        I have never had a bad meal at Manuel’s. My brother lives close by and I go there pretty often with him. Patty Melts, Club Sandwich, Chicken Philly and Chili are the best things I have had there. Sunday morning after the game we went there and got Breakfast/brunch after we checked out. I’ve never had breakfast, but it was pretty damn good.

  1. 1 Let’s Talk Some Real Football « The Grit Tree Trackback on November 10, 2011 at 2:59 pm

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