There Are Others, You Know

Last year, I did this post and it holds even more true for this season.

We are losing A.J. Green, in case you haven’t heard.  And just in case you didn’t know, A.J. is pretty good too. 

So in 9 games last season, Green had 848 yards, or 94.2 yards a game.  So to save you grabbing the calculator, A.J. Green accounted for 26% of UGA recieving yards last season.  Comine that with Kris Durham, the most under rated reciever in UGA history in myopinion, these two receivers from a year ago accounted for 47% of UGA’s receiving yards. 

In 2005, UGA had to replace Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown.  UGA trotted out Sean Bailey, Bryan McClendon and true freshman Mohomed Massaquoi. 

McClendon and Bailey  combinded barely accounted for the loss of Gibson or Brown from the year before.  But despite all that, UGA and D.J. Shockley found a way to have a successful season offensively, and Shockley had one of the best seasons by a UGA QB ever. 

Shockley and Murray are mobile quarterbacks who both had/have really good tight ends at their disposal.  Tavarres King, Rontavious Wooten, (hopefully) Marlon Brown and Malcolm Mitchell should be able to combine to fill the void.  Now the main differnece between this year’s Bulldogs’ offense and the 2005 version is the offensive line.  To put it in terms that Boise State fan might understand: this isn’t the first rodeo of having to replace a lot of offensive production.  I do think the X facto is going to be Brown.  If he can finally learn to catch the ball and get on board after two years, this could be a very, VERY good offensive team. 

If the offensive line can hold up, we should be alright offensively.  Despite the loss of Green and Durham, and despite the loss of Brown and Gibson in 2005, this offense will be ok.  Just like for Boise State; despite the fact they are losing Pettis and Young, they will be ok. 

As long as #11 is out there, I am not too worried.   I don’t think we are going to be a second coming of Texas Tech, but to assume that the Bulldogs aren’t going to throw the ball well  because we are losing A.J. Green is ignoring the abilities of Murray and the other skillful players we have lined up also. 

 And before you go all “he missed 4 games last season, how did we do there,” remember how conservative we were in those losses.  I think no one knew how good Murray could be, and thought the O-line and running game would carry the load.  By most accounts, we have either the best or second best QB in the SEC this season.  Murray’s abilities are there.  For their faults, Richt and Bobo can coach up and develop a QB.  And I don’t think they have any choice but to open things up a little more.  They should at least.  Richt knows he has to be a little less Rick Perry and more Keith Olbermann with his offense approach.  Again, as long as #11 is out there, things should be ok.

Also, an interesting side note:  I saw on the ESPN bottom line last night that last season, Aaron Murray had a 68% completion percentage when throwing out of the play action.  That was with basically no threat in the running game.  We know Bobo likes the play action pass.  Imagine how good Murray can be if we actually have some semblence of a decent running attack.



1 Response to “There Are Others, You Know”

  1. 1 dawgfan17 September 2, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Posted almost the same thing about the play action on my site. I think the results will not just be in his completetion percentage but in the number of big plays that come out of it. Add to that that now one of Boise’s safeties will be a redshirt freshman and I could see King, Charles and company being able to get a couple of huge plays down the field.

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