Happy Birthday To Us

September 1, 2009-two years ago today-The Grit Tree came to be.  Though we get nowhere near the traffic that  Senator Blutarsky, PWD or Kyle King gets, we are very pleased with our modest success so far.   We appreciate all the readers and support.   While our original purpose and goal is to discuss UGA football, we know that you go to the aforementioned sites first, so we try and have different features like Lewis Wednesday  and BBQ reviews to keep it fresh.  Though our content has been sparse over the last few months, we are all looking forward to continuing to bring  a different perspective to the Bulldog blogosphere.

Thanks for coming by, and y’all come back again now, ya hear?

The Grit Tree

1 Response to “Happy Birthday To Us”

  1. 1 dawgfan17 September 2, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Congrats on two great years. Here’s to the next two, hopefully you will get the chance to be talking about oen of the biggest turn arounds in school history by the end of the season!

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