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Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum

We all know that UGA was named the second best party school by the Princeton Review.  But in their list of schools that are “Stone Cold Sober”, the all- girl school Wesleyan College down the road in Macon was named #3!  Way to go girls (and I use that term very loosely)!



“If You Steal This Cooler…”

A convesation with a co-worker today about coolers reminded me about a funny story about my first tailgating cooler. 

I didn’t have a good cooler to use my freshman year, and I lived in Creswell, so I just put my stuff for the day in someone else’s cooler.  For Christmas, my girlfriend (and future wife) recognized my problem and got me a nice, red Coleman cooler.  It was the perfect size for a Fall Saturday.

My sophomore year, 2004, someone the week before the LSU game stole my cooler from our tailgate.  A dude who was tailgating next to us saw the rednecks come over and take it (why this jerk didn’t stop them, I don’t know).  So a friend who was much bolder and braver went over across the parking lot with me and started to give the thiefs the business.  He told me to find my cooler and take it back.  I walked up and took it, and as the rednecks started to bow up, my friend bowed up big and loud and they cowered back down.  I left campus with the same cooler I brough with me, and for a few minutes that did not seem like a vialbe option. 

So, I come home and realized that today, I had gotten lucky.  My cooler was never safe.  And I didn’t want some punk to make off with my cooler without having the opportunity for me to have the last word.  If someone stole my cooler, I wanted to insult them.  So I found a Sharpie and wrote as neatly as I could in all caps, black letters across the top of the cooler:


Well, my cooler was never stolen.  It served me well for three seasons, and traveled all across the SEC with me. 


Don’t Want To Beat A Dead Horse

I know some of you may get tired about Macon politics, and I swore that after the primary last month I would cease with it.  Well, Mayor Reichert has to go in a runoff tomorrow vs. former mayor C. Jack Ellis.  We here at the Grit Tree all support Mayor Reichert.  I’ve been told we don’t do enough pictures, so here is a flyer that was circulated around my neighborhood Friday:

If you live in Macon, make sure and vote for Robert Reichert tomorrow, and let’s keep a good thing going!

It’s Saturday In Athens

A friend sent a pic standing from the field, looking up at the new scoreboard.  It is pretty sweet.






Hashing Out The Scenarios

The first month of the season is very important for the Georgia Bulldogs.  The schedule is balanced with two easy games and two hard games.   The Dawgs could get some great momentum early, or find themselves behind the proverbial 8 Ball before the Bizarro Bulldogs come to town. 

There are 6 possible situations we could be discussing around the water cooler September 26:   Starting the season 4-0; starting the season 3-1 with a loss to Boise State; starting the season 3-1 with a loss to South Carolina; starting the season 2-2 with losses to South Carolina and Boise State; starting the season 1-3, only beating Coastal Carolina; starting the season 0-4.

With respect to Coastal Carolina and Ole Miss, the Dawgs will be, at worst, 2-2 entering the Mississippi State game.  Yes, anything can happen against the Old Misses, but no one sees Ole Miss being any good this year.  Last season, Georgia beat teams that weren’t very good…and beat them handedly.  It was the teams that were good that Georgia couldn’t beat.  So barring a complete collapse, I don’t see UGA losing to the Rebel Black Bears. 

So there are 4 likely scenarios:

1.  Starting 4-0.  This would be great.   After the first month, the Bulldogs would already have same number of victories they had the end of September this year they had the end of October last year.  Yikes.  I would be incorrigible. 

2.  Starting 3-1 with loss to South Carolina.  This is how I feel we will start things off.  To use an argument that Ucheedawg hates, Boise is “due”.  They have shown up to play on the big stage every time since their debacle in Athens seven years ago.  Every big game against a “big boy”, or every BCS bowl, they have won.  No team can have a seven year run of winning consistently on the big stage, even if they don’t play on the big stage that often.  One of these times, they are going to lose against a big boy on National TV; why not versus UGA?  You want some real insight and not some hokey “due” argument?  Ok.  I think our defense will show up in the Georgia Dome and hit Kellen Moore’s horse teeth back to normal.   The UGA secondary seems like it can be athletic enough to match Boise’s speed, and without Austin Pettis or Titus Young, attrition will be the great equalizer for the UGA secondary, that has some young (but talented) depth.  This will allow the big front 7 to have at it. 

Most years the Carolina game is a struggle, and that was when they were bad.  This year the Gamecocks should be quite good.  How many times have we seen this story play out in college football:  big time win, then hangover the next weekend?

3.   Starting 3-1 with a loss to Boise State. I think if you polled 99.9% of UGA fans, outside of starting 4-0, this is the most preferred scenario.  I can swallow my pride with ESPN if we are 2-0 in the SEC. 

4.  Starting 2-2.   Ew.  This would not be a disaster, as there would still be time to salvage the season and it would not be the train wreck the first month was last year.  But still, it would be hard to get to that magic 9 or 10 win mark over the next 8 games.  The Mississippi State game is going to be tough, and the Dawgs are going to need some good mojo heading into that one. 

The thing is, I could see each of these scenarios working out.  If I had to put a percentage on each one, I would say this:

4-0:  10%

3-1 (loss to South Carolina): 40%

3-1 (loss to Boise): 25%

2-2: 25%

What do you think?


Texas A&M To SEC Will Be Good For One Team

I don’t think the Aggies will join the SEC anytime in the next couple of years.  You can go to other blogs to read a full analysis of the talk coming out of College Station, but in short, I think it could be a good idea, but for a variety of reasons at this juncture (uneven divisions, scheduling confilct with the Olympic sports, and long travel) I don’t see this happening.

But it would be good for one team to have the Aggies in the SEC-Arkansas.  Arkansas is a Big 12 school in the SEC.  Arkansas and A&M have a long standing rivalry that was halted when Arkansas left the SWC and came to the SEC.  The rivalry was put on a hiatus, but has resumed in the last few seasons.  I think that the addition of Texas A&M would excite most people in Fayettville and Little Rock. 


Okay, Burt

If you have ever seen The Damn! Show, then you will get why I found this so dadgum funny.  If you haven’t seen The Damn Show, and you have a twisted sense of humor, I suggest you look it up.*


*NOTE:  The Damn Show is highly offensive comedy.  Very funny  but some (ok, MOST) may not see it that way.   Note that the Grit Tree nor all of its contributors approve of everything they do.  If you are offended by what you see then you have been warned…and are a wuss.