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I’d Say We Will At Least Pass Eyeball Test

There will be  no way of knowing whether or not Joe Tereshinski’s revamped Strength and Conditioning Program will pay dividends or help us win the 4th Quarter. 

I’ll go out on a limb and say the players are passing the eyeball test.

Check out this picture of Brandon Boykin from a couple of years ago:


And check him out this preseason camp:




Atlanta’s New “Big 3”

Great story on ESPN about the 2010s version of Atlanta’s Big 3, that is efficiently consolidated into one:  O’Vembrel.


It Just Had To Be The Glove, Didn’t It

Edward Aschroff is counting down his 25 best players in the SEC, and puts Aaron Murray in at #9.  If you see the picture he used for Murray, they used a picture from the Liberty Bowl loss where Aaron Murray is wearing his gloves.   Of all the glorious pictures of Aaron Murray, why use the gloves??

I don’t care what color combination the Bulldogs wear this season, but if Aaron Murray trots out on the field September 3 wearing his two gloves, no amount of event staff will be able to restrain me from removing those gloves from his hands. 


You Think College Coaches Get Paid Too Much? Nah

You have all heard about the Miami Hurricanes’ recent troubles, and have heard that Orson Charles was named in the Yahoo Sports report.  Personally, I don’t think anything will come out of this in regards to Orson, and I think he will be playing in the GA Dome come September 3rd. 

Can you imagine Mark Richt last night?  Coming home from a long day of practice, not getting much sleep trying to figure out to stop the high powered Boise State offense.  He drowns in the bottle…warm milk is the only thing that puts him to sleep these days.  Kathryn tries to get him to stop, but he just can’t.  Coach Richt is passed out in his easy chair with a crusty milk mustache.   His phone rings, and it is Claude Felton.

“Coach, have you heard about your Alma Mater?”

“No Claude, I was having a nightmare about being an ESPN analyst next season and being paired with Urban Meyer…and him calling a timeout in the middle of the segment to rub it in he is better than me.”

“Damn Mark, I told you to lay off the warm milk before bedtime.  You know what it does.  Anyway, there is a big story.  Miami is in deep doo doo with a booster.  Big money for booze, women, even abortions.” 

“Ok Claude, but when I played, I didn’t get any of that stuff.  I wasn’t a very good QB in college, remember?  It was all Jim Kelly this, Jim Kelly that.”

“I know Mark, but Orson Charles, the only real offensive threat we have to replace A.J. Green, was named in the report.  Something he did while in high school, before he was a UGA commit could cause him not to be eligable for the Boise State game-or longer.”

only the sound of gulping milk

In college, coaches have to worry about so much more.  Mark Richt’s livelihood is determined by how a bunch of 19-20 year olds perform and react…not only on the field, but off.  If 5 star tailback doesn’t go to class, if your 5 star reciever sells a game worn jersey, if your 5 star linebacker could be ruled ineligable for recieving shady benefits in highschool before he was a UGA recruit, and if another 5 star linebacker gets in a scooter acident, it all has an effect on the on field performance of the team Mark Richt coaches and is accountable for. 

Look at all these NCAA infractions.  Most of these coaches are oblivious to what their student athletes are doing with agents.  If a guy solicits A.J. Green on Facebook, how is Mark Richt supposed to stop it.  If an agent comes to Marcell Dareus and invites him to a party in Miami, how is Nick Saban supposed to stop it?

All of these stupid decisions that a 19-20 year old makes has a reflection on the head coach.  Some instances, the head coach can prevent it.  Some cases he can’t.  

But folks ask all the time why college coaches get paid so much.  Just think about the helpless feeling Al Golden has today, and the helpless feeling that so many coaches (including Mark Richt) felt last summer, and then you will get your answer. 

It’s hazard pay.


Lewis Grizzard Required Reading

My brother found some Lewis Grizzard books on eBay, placed a winning bid and had them sent to my house.  I had several already, but included in this bundle were titles I did not have.  I am particulary excited to read Don’t Forget to Call Your Mama, I Wish I Could Call Mine, becuase a day doesn’t pass that I don’t wish I could pick up the phone can give my mom a call.

Included in the bundle was one book I already had and have read multiple times-If I Ever Get Back To Georgia I’m Gonna Nail My Feet To The Ground.   It is the best Grizzard work I have read, and it is one of the best books I have ever read-period.  If you haven’t read this gem, do yourself a favor and do so.   You can buy it pretty cheap on Amazon.  


Simple Solution For All The Scooter Problems

Scooters are a problem in Athens.  They have resulted in injuries that are serious-like Chance Veazey-and ones that are minor-like Ray Drew.  They have been responsible for stupid arrest from the Jimmy Williamson led inept UGA PD-like Vance Cuff.

These things are thorn in the side.  And I am a fan of Greg McGarity, but their explanation to why the guys need the scooters is weak sauce.  Perhaps they should all look down at their wrist at the bracelets that say “no complaining.” 

One, if they have to be at the other end of campus in 15 minutes, they can take a bus.  Or you know what, and you can do what I had to sometimes, you can walk.  Please tell me that the football team is conditioned enough to walk from Butts-Mehere to Tate.  I bet South Carolina’s players could walk that distance.   For a team that has the motto of getting on the energy bus, they sure don’t want to ride the ones around campus.  And Mr. McGarity, it is not a part of campus life.  I bet you the number of students that don’t have scooters vs. the ones that do is 100-1. 

“But Corbindawg,” you might be saying, “these young men give up a lot of their free time and make a lot of sacrifices to entertain you, to play a game for you.  Let them have their scooters to make their lives easier.”

Ok, I am not so cold blooded that I would  go on a rant without offering a simple solution.  That was the name of the title to entice you to click over from Dawgbone. 

First off, ban the scooters.  The students have an obligation to compete for the University, and in return are getting free housing, food and an education.  They should not be allowed to do anything that could jeopardize their ability to compete and hold up their end of the bargain, whether that is getting injured or getting arrested.

Ok, that leaves a problem for what are the players going to do to get around to class.  Simple.  The Athletic Association has more money than Mickey Mouse.  Plus the athletes have their own workout facilities, their own academic buildings, tutors, their own lounge area at Butts-Mehre.  They have so much more at their fingertips than a “regular” student.  McGarity should hire van drivers to load up, I don’t know, fifteen 15 passenger vans to take people to, and pick up from, class.  There are already peopled employed by the AA to go around and check if students are going to class.  So they have the athletes’ schedules. It could be organized in a way that was fool proof.   This way, there would also be no excuse for missed academic appointments.   If the vans aren’t enough, then hire a bus driver and let the team have its own bus that can pick people up and drop them off. 

Because as long as these scooters are flying around, someone more high profile than Chance Veazey is going to get hurt…or even worse.  It is better to be proactive than reactive. 


Boise State Should Give Damon Evans A Call

Boise State just parted ways with their long time Athletic Director.  Andrea Adleson took down some of Chris Petersen’s comments about the deicsion.  Look carefully at what Adleson said were some of Boise State’s challenges in the future:

The program is vastly different today from the one Bleymaier took over 29 years ago, and now the need for top-of-the-line facilities has been highlighted.

In fact, getting a new football facility has been high on the agenda for Petersen. Construction on that facility has yet to get underway, and the school still needs to raise millions of dollars to completely fund all the projects it wants to complete. Whoever the new athletic director is will need to have not only a good relationship with Petersen, but a firm business background with plenty of experience trying to raise money.

First, this shows that no man is above the program.  Like Michael Corleone told Fredo in regards to Moe Green, don’t speak out against the family.  The Family comes first.  In college football, the program comes first.  No man is bigger than any program, nowadays anyway. 

But here is my point:  say what you will about Damon Evans.  But the man built some great facilities and raised a ton of money.  I think Greg McGarity will be a better AD, but take away Damon’s personal demons, he still did a fine job in some areas.  He may not have given Ricth the support he needed on a personal level, but he was shrewd businessman.  If I were a Boise State higher up, I may not give Damon the keys to the castle, but I’d give him a call to look into bringing him in to some type of roll.