Horse Teeth Moore

You brought the sweet feed.  Awesome Brah

Like Derek Dooley and his shower discipline, we at TGT care.  Especially for the tourist from Idaho who will be visiting our fine state this weekend.  As a public service announcement we would like to tell Mr. Moore that while inside it is still hot and humid in Atlanta.  Proper breathing technique is to breath in through the nose and out the mouth.  So Mr. Moore please close that damn horse teeth mouth of yours or we’ll have Alec Ogletree do it for you.  Now I understand that this may be a ploy by Chris Petersen to confuse defenses.  Rub a little peanut butter on those gums, show off the pearly whites and corner backs will be too distracted to see when the ball leaves his hand.  To counter this I ask at any Georgia fans who have seats inside the twenties to bring a handful of sweet feed.  When it gets loud and the pressure builds, it’s hard to focus with that delicious tasty energy filling sweet feed just a few feet away.  Now before anyone says that I’m jealous of Boise or scared of what they will do this weekend I offer the following evidence.

Kellen, best of luck.  Just close your damn mouth.


1 Response to “Horse Teeth Moore”

  1. 1 OKDawg August 31, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    Paging John Elway.

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