Don’t do it to me Phil

Phil Steele has made my off-season miserable. Not only does he hype all of our positional units and claim that Crowell will be the second coming, but he also picks us to win the East in pretty good fashion.

Now, as I’m trying to cope with the good news Phil has brought us, he lays this on us:


Despite this being a “neutral site” game, GA will clearly have the crowd edge in their own backyard (Atlanta). In 2005 Georgia was #13 and Boise #18 as Boise was the sheik upset pick coming in all summer while UGA was well motivated. They took advantage of Jared Zabransky’s horrible day with TO’s and UGA won 48-13 in Athens w/a 574-292 yd edge. This time Boise has a QB that won’t have those turnover problems as Kellen Moore has just 9 int’s the last 2 years and led the NCAA in pass eff in ‘10. He guided Boise to a win in VT’s back yard LY in the opener. Boise has 14 ret st’rs and a win here could eventually land them in the title game. Boise is just as strong as LY’s 12-1 tm but GA is much better than LY’s 6-7 and my pick to win the SEC East this year. Georgia has a big game on deck vs South Carolina while Boise has a bye and that could be the difference.

PHIL’S FORECAST : boise st 28 georgia 27

Say it ain’t so Phil!

Here’s the thing…all year long I’ve warned that Boise could come in here and beat us. I’ve been called every name under the sun for such blasphemy, but I’ve felt it’s true. I think BSU is the most well-coached team in the country and will play disciplined, innovative football. Yet, this week my gut has changed. I don’t know if I’ve watched too many you tubes, read PS too much, or what, but my gut has got me thinking that HorseMouth Moore and his boys can’t play with us.

So, I check to see what PS says, wholly expecting him to have UGA win by a TD, when he give me that “Not so fast, my friend…”

So, is he right? Sure hope not. Either way, sure seems like this week is creeping by at snail’s pace.

Go Dawgs!


1 Response to “Don’t do it to me Phil”

  1. 1 Dawgfan17 August 31, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    What would you place the odds at that if any Georgia player broke out the pistols to celebrate a TD that we would draw a flag for excessive celebration?

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