It’s A Feeling I Get

It’s not knowing where you’re going, but knowing when you’re there, Bein’ with the ones that you know really care

Hey I guess these are all a part of it, It’s a feeling I get

-Roger Creager

It is something all Georgia fans have said to each other since last year’s New Year’s Eve embarrassment to Central Florida. 

What will it take to save Mark Richt’s job in 2011? 

How many wins will it take to you make you happy?

2011 is a wide open season for Georgia.  Prognosticators range from having UGA win the East to finishing 6-6.  UGA has the talent to win 11 games, but following the last couple of seasons, does anyone beside Phil Steele feel comfortable saying that with a straight face.  It is hard to justify a team that went 6-7 coming back strong and winning the second toughest division in college football.

Can UGA win the SEC East in 2011?  Sure they can.  Most years they are capable.

Should UGA win the SEC East in 2011?  Yeah they should.  They should win it more seasons than not. 

Will UGA win the SEC East in 2011?  I don’t think so.  I am thinking 9-3, simply because the schedule is so easy.  Throw in a bowl victory in Florida against an overmatched Big 10 opponent, and UGA is going to have themselves a nice 10 win season.    

Plus, South Carolina is going to be good.  Jeffry, Garcia, Lattimore and Ellis Johnson’s are going to be tough to beat this season. 

But what I want is a feeling.  I want to have faith restored.  Even if we go, heaven forbid, 8-4, that wouldn’t be the absolute end of the world for me.  It is a “know it when you see it proposition” in 2011.   You’ll know it when you see it.  No win total can dictate it, no demands of you have to beat X, Y and Z (except Florida). 

The last time I exited the Georgia Dome I had that feeling.  It was December 30, 2006 for the 2006 Peach Bowl and I had just witnessed a thrilling UGA victory.  

The 2006 season was an interesting one.  UGA started out 6-0, but no one really felt at ease.  Some scares against Colorado and Ole Miss made you worried about Tennessee.  Those fears were erased during the first half of the Tennessee game, but then you hit in the face with them in that second half.   Then, the next weekend was the infamous Vanderbilt game.  A close, hard fought loss to eventual National Champion Florida was followed up by another embarrassing loss to Kentucky.  I would say that the UGA stock was pretty low.  But then in the misty rain, UGA smacked Auburn,  held on to beat Tech, and then beat Virginia Tech.  The only time in program’s history that UGA beat 3 teams ranked in the Top 15 in 3 consecutive games. 

As I was riding back to Athens that in the early morning hours of New Year’s Eve 2006, my mind was racing about how great we were going to be in 2007.  I was imaging coming back to the Georgia Dome to watch UGA-LSU for the SEC Title Part III.  Well, UGA didn’t make it back to Atlanta, but did finish #2 in the country.  All of a sudden, the pain of the second half of the season  against Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky was erased.  I felt great.  There was a reason to be excited again.

Since the 2008 Florida game, there has not much to be excited about or much to look forward to. Oh, sure, we all get excited about football.  I already have my shirt ironed for Saturday.  But true excitement has been missing.

That hope I felt is what I want to feel at the end of this season.  If I can realistically say on January 2, “Yeah, we are going to be really good next year,” then I will be happy.  I understand we are in a rebuilding process.  I can only speak for myself, but to satisfied, I DEMAND to have faith restored.

Because blind faith and faith with evidence are two completely different things. 



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