Good Story About Georgia Theatre

I haven’t been to the new and improved Georgia Theatre, but am looking forward to it.  I hope the fire took out the dirty beer taps.

Here is a story with some photos.  It looks pretty neat. 



Sorry to steal your show Corbin but I wanted to add this.  I promise you that you will miss that keg beer since they are only selling cans now.  I went to the Truckers show two weeks ago and the place is nice.  We spent the afternoon on the roof top bar, which has some good views south back towards campus, before going to the show.  Some side notes to keep in mind; shows are now starting earlier and will end somewhere just after midnight so that the roof bar can open.  Get there early and bring ear plugs.  While we were right down front at the stage, I’ve been to NASCAR races that weren’t that loud.  They may have be working out the kinks in the sound that night but it was a little overkill.  But that aside it’s very nice and congrats to Wil for getting back open.



No problem Granite.  Thanks for the insight.  When you try to put forth some effort, you do outstanding work.  Looking forward to the first Kinchafonee Cowboys Concert at the Theatre.



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