2011 Season Bold Predictions-National

Last year I did 5 Bold predictions for the upcoming season.   I got 2/5 correct, for 40%, and was 100% right about the Gators.  I will make some SEC predictions, but here are 4 for the National College landscape:

1.  Penn State will win whatever division they are in, and also win the Big 10 Title.  Since I wrote that, I looked it up.  It is the Leaders Division along with Wisconsin, Ohio State, Illinois, Indiana and Purdue.  Penn State has a pretty easy schedule and should only have on loss (Alabama) and be undefeated in Big 10 play heading into the first part of a brutal 3 week schedule.  On November 12, Penn State plays host to Nebraska.  Then the next two weeks it is back to back road games at Ohio State and Wisconsin.  After dropping the game to the Corn Huskers, the Nittany Lions will beat Ohio State and, in an emotional game, beat the strong Wisconsin Badgers.  The next weekend, in a rematch against the Corn Huskers, an inspired Penn State team will beat Nebraska (and give Bo Pelini his 3rd straight Championship game loss) and head to the Rose Bowl.

 2.  Georgia Tech will win 10 games, but not play in the ACC Championship game.  Florida State and Virginia Tech will play in that game-again.   As long as Jimbo is at Florida State (and Dabo is at Clemson), the ACC Championship game is going to be very repetitive for the next several years.   I think Georgia Tech should be 8-0 heading into the Clemson game on the Flats.  Tech will lose to Clemson, Virginia Tech and Georgia, finishing the regular season 9-3.  Paul Johnson will finally get his first Bowl win at Tech, capping off a 10-3 season and top 20 finish. 

3.  Only one team that played in a BCS game last season will repeat in the same game.  Let’s run down last years’  games:   BCS Title game:  Oregon vs. Auburn; Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. UConn; Sugar:  Arkansas vs Ohio State; Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Stanford; Rose: Wisconsin vs. TCU.   I don’t think Oregon and Auburn will play for a MNC again.  I already covered that Wisconsin won’t be at the Rose Bowl.  TCU won’t play there again.  Arkansas and Ohio State won’t be at the Sugar Bowl.  UConn and Stanford are taking a step back.  The only two that stand a shot are Virginia Tech and Oklahoma.  Oklahoma won’t play for the National Championship, but wind up in the Fiesta like they always do.  Virginia Tech won’t make it back the Orange Bowl.

4.  Notre Dame will be declared as being “back”.   Let me give you a quick run down of Notre Dame’s opponents this season.  These are the games Notre Dame should win:  South Florida, Michigan, Pitt, Purdue, Air Force, Navy, Wake Forrest, Maryland, Boston College.  These games are toss ups or losses:  Michigan State, USC and Stanford.  Including the Bowl game, Notre Dame will have a shot at 10 wins and, since UGA is going to beat Boise State, ESPN will find their new darling to ram down our throat. 

Again, for the sake of being open and transparent, at the end of the season, we’ll go back and look to see how wrong I am. 



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