How Nike Really Determined Pro Combat Design

Thanks to some loyal spies and the Patriot Act, TGT has some insight on what the meeting at the Nike HQ was like when the designers were coming up with the UGA Pro Combat uniforms.

Scene:  Nike Headquarters on a rainy Friday afternoon…4:50 pm.

Designer #1:  …and that does it on the LSU Pro Combat uniform.

Designer #2:  That looks gnarly.  Great job team!

Designer #3:  After spending all day on something, I am proud of that product we have put together!

Phil Knight:  Hold on guys, you still have to design a UGA one for the Chick-Fil-A Game. 

Designer #1:  Chick Fil what?

Phil Knight:  Chick-Fil-A. 

Designer #2:  I don’t get it.

Phil Knight:  It is a restaurant that sells fried chicken sandwiches.   It is a filet of chicken, therefore Chick-Fil-A.  Big thing in the South, especially Georgia.  They like to draw out their syllables.  It started in Atlanta.  I saw one in an airport one time, they have waffle fries.

Designer #3:  Do you put maple syrup on them? 

Phil Knight:  Surprisingly, no.  Ok, well, we all rode our bicycles to work today, and if we want to make Happy Hour, we better leave here in a hurry.  We have to get this sent to the sweat shop in Vietnam today. 

Designer #1:  What are their colors again?

Designer #2:  Red, black, and a little silver.

Designer #3:  What has our research uncovered? 

Designer #2:  They are a passionate fan base.  Their Coach, Mark Richt, has called us before and wanted to tweak their uniform for special occasions. 

Designer #1:  Oh, yeah.  They wanted some Black jerseys, pants and helmets? 

Designer #2:  Exactly, dude.  But their fans have come to hate the black.  It has bad memories.

Designer #3:  Ok, simple enough.  All red. 

Designer #1:  Ok.

Designer #2:  Gnarly.

Designer #1:  Ok, well we have to do something with the helmet.  Can’t have that red, too.

Designer #2:  Oh, no.  That would just be tacky.  Well, their baseball team has white helmets, so we don’t want to copy them.   We have used black in the past, and that was unpopular. 

Designer #3:  You said their other color was silver?

Designer #2:  Yes.

Designer #1:  Let’s make the helmet silver, then. 

Designer #2:  Gnarly. 

Designer #3:  Hold up, we have to do something else to the helmet.  

Designer #1:  Good grief, just put a red strip down the front and through the face mask and be done with it.  Agreed?

Designer #2:  Gnarly.

Designer #3:  Sounds good to me. 

Some finishing touches on Photoshop by Designer 3

Phil Knight: Good job, guys, and in record time.   I’m sure all the UGA fans will love this.  We’ll get this emailed to Vietnam and have those kids get it made. 

Clock strikes 4:58 and group departs to the local bar via bicycle for Happy Hour.


2 Responses to “How Nike Really Determined Pro Combat Design”

  1. 2 Tuxedodawg August 22, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    I thought they just drew ideas out of the ugly hat

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